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10 Interesting Facts About Pekingese

originally bred has companion dogs to the ancient Chinese imperial family Pekingese are incredibly fluffy affectionately small in size, and full of love, look at their squishy little faces and tell me why they would not be the absolute cutest addition to the family Pekinese were unknown in the western world until the 1860s when British invaders brought them from China to England, to this day, they’re known for the line like qualities of dignity and strong mindedness Pekingese might be tiny, but there’s so much personality packed into their small bill. Here are our top 10 most interesting facts about this adorable little ball of fluff called a Pekingese.

1.Their Chinese History

Picking ease is a very old breed traditionally associated with Chinese emperors they have been traced back to 2000 years to the Han Dynasty, today’s China doesn’t have alliance but the Pekinese the Lhasa Apsos and the Tibetan Mastiff were all bred to resemble stylized Chinese line images, therefore the Pekinese is also called the lion dog emperor lling of Han Dynasty loved his dogs so much, he made his favorite pic and he is a member of the noble cast, making an outrank most people in the country during the Tang Dynasty, no one outside the Imperial Palace was allowed to breed or own a Pekinese, this was a good period for these little dogs, If an ordinary person met one of these dogs that to bow and social respect.

2. They Are Small, But Brave

Pekingese are often described as brave little dogs, it’s not unusual for this dog to assume the role of a guardian in the family isn’t that precious, though the breed is a total adorbs which stands at maximum 9 inches tall at the shoulder, a Pekinese is always ready to show it’s stronger and fear side, therefore, a dog that’s not even up to your knees is brave enough to still try to guard you and protect you.

3. They are intelligent and strong well

Pekinese are very intelligent and strong well, they can ease owners often describe their pets as opinionated, maybe this comes down to their royal heritage as well. These dogs are smart. They know their own minds are strong willed and more importantly, they’re not afraid to communicate their feelings, obedience and some teaching classes are a good way to make sure that qualities don’t spill over into stubbornness, however training these pups is a difficult task but not an impossible one, they often think they’re in charge and if trained too harshly, they’ll fight back.

4. They Can Make Good Guard dogs

Pekinese can make good guard dogs, these breed of pups, you surely cannot mistake Pekinese this position for their Willie and sleek bill, that can be quite feisty at times, in ancient China this modest speaking ease with fierce personalities were kept in the Royals sleeves and used as miniature guard dogs, these traits, haven’t been lost yet, in fact Pekingese owners often reported their pets are vocal about intruders, or other suspected danger.

5. Their Coats Require Maintenance

Pekingese coats require serious maintenance. The Pekingese needs to be brushed several times a week and requires occasional baths. However, if not cared for properly before it can be mad. It is recommended that you brush your Pekinese daily to avoid such mattered for also most like the pug it’s important to clean your Pekingese facial increases, some Pekinese owners also trim the fair of of the eyes to help the dog see and clip the code in hot weather for the dogs comfort, well it’s such beautiful fur and keep faces the high maintenance grooming is definitely worth it.

6. They Are Not Really Good With Children

Pekingese are not really good with children because of their strong and responsive traits children are better off without Pekingese all like the pug speaking are not great for families with small children, this breed will not take kindly to be poked taunted or having their tail fold the Pekingese will defend itself and they’re absolutely not afraid of some self defense. Therefore it’s important to keep careful watch of Pekinese when they interact with children, however this can only change a few train your dog pretty well.

7. They Shed a Lot

Pekingese beautiful long furry code will tell you that they shed, and they shed a lot, you have to be a real caretaker, if you decide to add this ball of fluff into your family Pekinese are specially for those who are okay with always having a lint roller handy and occasionally leaving the house with duck for under clothes.

8. They Perform Well and Dog shows

Pekinese couldn’t get any cuter, they can be very amusing and entertaining as well, thanks to their looks and intelligence Pekinese are very well known for their performances at dog shows particularly in confirmation, the Pekingese is tied for the fourth most wins at Westminster, having won four times.

9. They Enjoy Cold Temperatures

The Pekingese does really well when the temperature drops, with all the codes covering their load of bodies, this read often requires a fresh and cool environment. Some Pekinese owners travel with ice packs to keep their pop comfy.

10. They can easily become overweight

Like a lot of small dogs died is incredibly important Pekingese are stocky, but there aren’t meant to be fat, there’s a fine line but there are many tips for feeding your pup properly. One of them is to feed them at certain times in the day instead of leaving their foot out constantly daily exercises for vegan ease is a good way to keep them physically fit, all dogs should get enough activity to stay physically and mentally healthy, but says Pekinese were Redford companionship and not support, you won’t need to take them running for miles every day, a couple of moderately long walks per day should be quite enough.