A new aim for Trevor Lawrence?

The Jacksonville Jaguars training camp has kicked off, the team will be looking to improve their journey in the season. The main buzz is that whether Trevor Lawrence will go on another step, but with the new coach Doug Pederson helping the boy, its certainly a strong possibility.

“Individually, personally, I want to prove that I belong here and that I’m the player I believe that I am, that the organization believes I am,” Lawrence said. “As a team, I think we have a lot to prove. We didn’t have a great season last year, and I know the guys in this locker room are ready to prove some stuff this year. That motivation and just having this new opportunity, having a clean slate, everybody starts at the bottom, and having your chance to work your way up—that’s the special opportunity we got this year. We’ve got a good enough team to win as many games as we want to, we’ve just got to make that decision and be prepared, and we’ll have a good year.” said Lawrence on asked about his motivation.

Moreover, one of the positives about Lawrence’s rookie season is that he flashed at times despite the dysfunction around him. Games against Indianapolis, Miami etc. are clear examples.