All About EmmyMade, Her Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age and Weight

EmmyMade (formerly emmymadeinjapan) is a Chinese-American YouTuber and Instagram personality best known for taste tests of foods from around the world.

Her viewers send her gifts of their favorite meals, which she tastes and explains to her viewers.


On July 17, 1977, Emmeline Mayline Cho smiled at the world for the first time.

This girl was raised in the scorching heat of California till she matured into a woman ability to face the world.

This soon-to-be superstar could never be contained on the West Coast.

Cho left her home and moved to Japan with her spouse when she was in her third decade of life.

There, the two began teaching English to island students.

Cho, on the other hand, was dissatisfied with this considerable adjustment.

With no knowledge of the Japanese language and no one with whom to communicate, loneliness became her only companion.

Until she took out a video camera, that is.

Cho assumed that the internet would be her only means of meeting new people with whom she might establish a community.

But what was it that she was meant to be recording?

Cho, unlike her present course, did not begin by cooking or sampling snacks. Instead, she created a video called “How to Make a Moss Pot,” which is an easy DIY tutorial.

Her previous moniker, emmymadeinjapan, was inspired by her newfound aesthetic and her newfound home.

While she struggled to engage with others, there was one thing she excelled at: eating.

Cho went to her neighborhood supermarket, bought some candy that struck her eye, and set up a studio.

Why not film her reactions if she was going to try something new?

Cho pressed the “play” button and ate with nothing but a longing for friendship. “Neruneruneru Japanese candy: Whatcha Eating? #1” was her first food-related video, which she released shortly after.

Cho’s charming nature and quiet demeanor drew in viewers who were turned off by Youtube’s brand of overly excited vloggers.

Cho went to her neighborhood supermarket, bought some candy that struck her eye, and set up a studio.

emmymadeinjapan made a name for herself well beyond the Land of the Rising Sun.

From cooking to crafting.

People flocked to see what Cho thought about her latest find with each video Cho released.

She never shied away from even the most unusual foods, refusing to belittle their flavor regardless of her personal choice.

People were so moved by her open-mindedness that they not only watched her films but also donated their own dinners.

Cho unboxed her first gift from a fan and tasted their homeland’s delicacies in “Emmy Eats Germany – German Candies.”

Because of the video’s positive impact, followers began submitting their own treats in droves. Cho, on the other hand, couldn’t keep up with the flood of surprise donations and had to hand-pick which ones to taste test.

Cho had a passion for cooking that was much greater than her love of eating.

Why not record herself making the dishes she has spent so much time learning about?

From mochi to gyoza, emmymadeinjapan taught viewers how to make authentic Japanese cuisine in their own homes.

Cho’s perspectives were further broadened as a result of the emphasis on cultural education.

Cho began a side show called “Hard Times,” in which she addressed tough periods in world history with her audience.

Cho took advantage of her first opportunity to get professional recognition in 2013.

The NextUp competition on Youtube urged content creators to enter their channel. Winners would earn monetary prizes as well as major improvements in the quality of their video production.

Cho entered the competition at the request of her admirers.

She was named as one of the winners, much to her astonishment. She received $3,000 in cash and additional $4,000 in production equipment as a result of her victory.

Cho chose to rebrand and grow her brand a year later.

She changed her name to “emmymade” after returning from her temporary stay in Japan.

On April 5, 2014, she established a second channel for her DIY projects called “emmymade extras.” These included anything from children’s crafts to beekeeping.


Cho has been married to the same man since she first graced our screens.

Cho refers to her husband as “Papa” despite the fact that she has never revealed his real name.

In the early days of her channel, he made frequent visits and quickly became a fan favorite.

On April 7, 2012, the couple revealed their first significant surprise: Cho was expecting a kid.

Cho’s refusal to display her stomach and growing features had led to fans figuring out the secret ahead of time.

Cho verified their concerns by exposing her rounded tummy and claiming that her baby will be born in less than a month.

Cho followed up her first pregnant video with a second one over two years later.

On August 1st, Emmy and Papa were expecting their second child, a boy.

Emmy has included both of her children on her YouTube channel, with several videos focusing on how to prepare food for kids.

Cho has never revealed their names to the public, despite their public appearances.


Emmy’s YouTube channel name includes the word “Japan” because she started it while living in Japan.

The Emmy League of Adventuresome Eaters is how Emmy refers to her subscribers.

Emmy tried a Japanese treat in her debut video.

Germany was the first country to send her food to sample.

EmmyMade Net Worth

Emmy made the majority of her money from sponsors and advertisements on her YouTube channel.
She has over 525million views on both of her channels, which translates to around $1.5 million in earnings before taxes.

Merchandising contributes to this large fortune. Cho’s characteristic emotions are featured on clothing created by the emmymade YouTube channel. On the top page of her website, Cho wears their most well-known item, a “So Stinking Cute” tee.

As a result, EmmyMade, an internet star, has a net worth of $2million.

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