Apple will increase the manufacturing of its phones in india by 20 percent till 2025

India is set to double its local manufacturing of technological things in India. Amid this moment Apple has announced that soon India would be manufacturing 25 percent of its phones. This year the production is likely to increase by 5 percent. By 2025 they would increase it to 25 percent of production.

Though analysts are surprised by this decision because they thought that Apple would deduct the time period of Apple 14 production in India which would have been 6 weeks less than China’s production. Next year, Apple iPhone 15 may see its production at the Foxconn and Wistron manufacturing facilities in India at the same time as China.

As soon as China was directed for the iPhone 14 and 14 plus model production Indian manufacturers also got a nod within a week after nodding for China. According to the report, Vietnam will contribute 20 percent of all iPad and Apple Watch productions, 5 percent of MacBook, and 65 percent of AirPods by 2025. India’s supply chain and local demand for products are one of the biggest benefits that Apple would get from this surge. India is also on a way to increasing its manufacturing scale in India.