Arabelle Dela Origin: Where Are Her Parents From? Ethnicity And Family

Arabelle Dela Cruz’s parents, Isabella and Arnulfe Dela Cruz, are shrouded in mystery and seldom appear in public. Their whole family is behind Arabelle. Arabelle Dela Cruz is one of the top five grand finalists of the second season of the Filipino reality show Tawang Ng Tanghalan. She is a well-known singer in the Philippines and has composed numerous songs, including Hwang ka nang umalis. Cruz has proceeded to the finals of The Clash 23, a well-known Filipino reality show.

Arabelle Della Cruz’s Parents: Who Are They?

Arabelle Dela Cruz’s parents gave birth to her in 2001, making her 22 years old in 2023. The upcoming vocalist hails from Laguna, a Filipino province in the Calabarzon region of the island of Luzon. Arabelle is one of 30 candidates participating in The Clash 2023, a reality talent competition program produced by GMA Network in the Philippines. The Clash winner receives a house and lot, a brand-new car, a million pesos, and an exclusive management arrangement with GMA Network. Arabelle feels that now is the ideal time for her to demonstrate her talent in the program. In an interview with The Clash 2023, she characterizes herself as driven, passionate, family-oriented, enthusiastic, and adventurous.

Arabelle Dela Cruz’s parents are Isabelle and Arnulfe Dela Cruz. They have a nice girl who works really hard and is extremely enthusiastic about her job. Arabelle Dela Cruz is a model. Her parents are originally from Laguna, Philippines. Filipinos are the ethnic group to whom they belong. Arabelle Dela Cruz’s parents are very proud of her. They once appeared in the Tawang Ng Tanghalan interview when Arabelle was on the show.

Tawag ng Tanghalan, often known as “Call of the Stage” or simply “TNT,” is a Filipino amateur singing competition that is now broadcast on ABS-CBN as part of It’s Showtime. They came across as humble, helpful, friendly, and heartfelt throughout the interview. They looked to be overjoyed with Arabelle’s success and fame, and they were clearly proud of her. Arabelle also cherishes her family and tries all she can to support them. Arabelle Dela Cruz’s parents, like many renowned people’s parents, are quiet, timid individuals who loathe being in the spotlight.

What Is Arabelle Dela Cruz’s Net Worth?

Arabelle Dela Cruz has yet to disclose an estimate of her net worth, hence her financial information is unavailable. Arabelle’s songs have a lot of streams on Spotify and YouTube. She earns a nice life from these streams as well. Some artists rely all of their financial choices on the number of streams they get from sites such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and others. Some broaden their horizons by selling CDs and other merchandise, playing live, or promoting goods.

Arabelle Dela

TiktoClock (2019), The Clash (2018), and Bakit lahat ng gwapo may boyfriend?! Arabelle Dela Cruz (2022) created works in 2016. Arabelle’s Instagram handle is @arabelledelacruzm. She now has 307 Instagram posts and 68.9k followers. Arabelle, a Filipino social media star, has accumulated fame and money at a young age. We can only hope that she will continue to prosper in the coming days.