Black Cat Breeds

There’s something remarkable about an all-black cat with bright piercing eyes that’s as dark as night! If you want to bring a black cat into your home, you should know that there are various black cat breeds to pick from.

Check out our collection of black cat breeds to see whether one is right for you! We are confident that you will find a cat that you will adore, whether it is a fluffy black cat or a shorthair cat.

1.Oriental Cat

Hair typeShort or long
Height9–11 inches
Weight8­–12 pounds
Lifespan12–15 years

The Oriental breed is descended from the Siamese and has a short or long coat. When you get an Oriental cat, you must be prepared to offer him plenty of attention because he will expect it!

An Oriental cat has a long, slim body like its Siamese predecessors and is friendly, interested, and sociable. This cat wants attention with its wedge-shaped head and beautiful black fur, and it usually gets it!

While this breed gets along well with children and other pets, it does necessitate a great deal of attention. As a result, it’s not the breed for a busy family with limited time to devote to a cat. This breed has a long lifespan of up to 15 years.


  • Gets along with kids and other pets
  • Loving and attentive
  • Long lifespan


  • Not ideal for a busy family
Hair typeShort
Height9–13 inches
Weight8­­–15 pounds
Lifespan9–13 years

2. Bombay Cat

The Bombay cat has short black hair and eyes that are a stunning copper color. It’s the world’s only black cat breed. The Bombay cat is intelligent and has a vibrant, curious nature. If you value your sleep, this breed may not be for you because it enjoys being active, especially at night!

The Bombay’s short hair is low-maintenance, which is ideal if you don’t enjoy grooming. You’ll have a friend for life if you own a Bombay cat, as this breed is extremely loyal to its owner and eager to please.


  • Makes a great pet
  • Low maintenance hair
  • Dedicated to its owner and eager to please


  • A lively breed that may keep you up at night

3. Maine Coon Cat

Hair typeLong
Height10–16 inches
Weight8­–18 pounds
Lifespan13–17 years

The Maine Coon is a large cat with long hair and a muscular frame. To protect the animal from cold and wet surfaces, this gentle giant possesses dense water-resistant hair that is longer and shaggier on the underside and back. The long bushy tail of the Maine Coon can be wrapped around its body for warmth and to keep the cat from sinking in the snow.

It’s simple to train a Maine Coon because of its above-average intelligence. This cat breed gets along with children, dogs, and other cats, making it an excellent family pet. The Maine Coon, on the other hand, may not be the appropriate cat for you if you’re seeking for a lap cat because this huge guy isn’t interested in cuddling.

A Maine Coon is a sociable, loyal, and loving breed with a strong sense of independence. It’s preferable to maintain this cat in a home where it has complete freedom of movement. Coons in Maine are notable for their vocalizations, which might include howling, trilling, and chirping. To keep his lengthy hair clear of tangles and mats, this fluffy cat requires a lot of grooming.


  • Friendly and loyal
  • Smart and easily trained
  • Long lifespan


  • Requires frequent grooming
  • Not ideal for apartment living

4. Japanese Bobtail Cat

Hair typeShort or long
Height8–9 inches
Weight6–10 pounds
Lifespan9–15 years

The Japanese Bobtail cat’s remarkable bunny-like tail, which can be rigid or flexible and has one or more angles or kinks, gives it its name. This could be the breed for you if you’re looking for a medium-sized black cat that’s both pet and kid-friendly.

The Japanese Bobtail cat enjoys vocalizing and will spend time “talking” to you in a pleasant, chirpy voice. You can find your Japanese Bobtail playing in a puddle outside or indoors with his water dish when he isn’t informing you about his day.


  • Adaptable
  • Suitable for apartment or house living
  • Playful


  • Very talkative which could be problematic in an apartment setting

5. American Curl

Hair typeShort
Height 9–11 inches
Weight5–10 pounds
Lifespan12–16 years

The American Curl, one of the newest cat breeds, is characterized by its lovely ears that curl back from the face. If you own one of these cats, you must treat its ears with care because rough handling might damage the cartilage. This is why this cat is not good for a family with children.

Because the American Curl cat dislikes being left alone for lengthy periods of time, it is not a good breed for persons with busy schedules. Because these cats are amiable and versatile, they’re a fantastic choice for homes with other pets.

The American Curl is a shorthaired cat that is sociable, friendly, and submissive. But don’t expect your American Curl to become a lap cat because this breed isn’t fond of cuddling. Because this cat breed has a moderate shedding tendency, you’ll need to vacuum frequently to keep up with the loose cat hair.


  • Adaptable and friendly
  • Good with other pets


  • Not ideal for those with busy schedules
  • Ears are susceptible to damage
  • Moderate shedder