Can Cats Eat Corn?

Though corn kernels from the cob are commonly used as a filler element in commercially available cat meals, should you include them in your cat’s normal diet?

A fresh ear of corn is a hardy, readily available food source for people that’s very easy to match with almost anything else for a quick, pleasant meal all year. If you think your feline companion would enjoy a few kernels as a snack, read this first.

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Can Cats Eat Corn Safely?

Absolutely. Not only may your cat eat corn, but your cat most likely already does. Corn and cornmeal is a prominent filler component in many commercially available pet diets and snacks due to its easy availability and high fiber content.

However, the main debate isn’t whether cats can eat maize, but rather whether they should. While maize will not damage your cat (in fact, some cats may enjoy the great taste of corn kernels as a treat! ), it is not recommended. In terms of nutritional value, it’s not doing anything else for them.

Because cats are obligate carnivores, their bodies are designed to consume meat protein as effectively as possible. While maize may provide some modest nutritional benefits in the form of B vitamins and fiber, it will primarily act as a blank filler in their stomachs, causing them to eat less.

What Kind of Corn Snacks Are Best for Cats?

The next most important thing to know when feeding corn to your cat, after moderation, is that the more plainly you prepare it, the better. The trouble with many corn products isn’t the amount of corn, but everything else that comes with it. Additional components like salt, milk, and butter should be avoided.

Sweet Corn

This is the best option for your cat, whether grilled or cooked and taken from the cob. It will keep the majority of the corn’s nutritional worth, and when served plain, sweet corn will be pleasant without causing digestive discomfort.

Corn Chips

For your kitty’s snack session, these should probably be a hard no. Corn chips have a lot of extra salt in them when they’re at their best. They’re loaded in cheese, spices, and preservatives, which can be harmful to cats in the worst-case situation.


Plain popcorn is a light, tasty treat for humans, but it doesn’t provide much nutritional value to your cat. Popcorn can also cause issues like vomiting and diarrhea if it’s covered with butter.

Tortillas and Cornbread

Breads of any kind should be avoided as cats treats, mostly because they are nutritionally deficient for cats and take up a lot of space in small stomachs. The same can be said for polenta and cornmeal, which provide no nutritional value and can quickly expand to take up a lot of space if consumed.

What Other Foods Can Cats Eat?

While maize isn’t the best option, there are a few other human fruits and vegetables that are healthy for cats when consumed in moderation. However, feeding your cat a balanced diet of carefully prepared cat food is the best way to ensure that he gets the nutrients he requires. However, there are a few human treats that can occasionally be an acceptable snack for your healthy cat.

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