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Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken?

Is it safe for your cat to consume raw poultry? A veterinarian weighs in. Your domesticated cat's diet is probably already high in cooked and processed chicken, but wild cats regularly consume raw poultry, which may have you asking if

Can Cats Eat Corn?

Though corn kernels from the cob are commonly used as a filler element in commercially available cat meals, should you include them in your cat's normal diet? A fresh ear of corn is a hardy, readily available food source for people

Cats are active at Night

Cats have a different sleep-wake cycle than other animals, and they are frequently active at night. This is due to the fact that cats are crepuscular, meaning they hunt and are active in the evenings and early mornings. This type of

Human Foods Cats Can Eat

The majority of your cat's diet should consist of nutritious diet cat food, but you can occasionally give them a treat from your plate. All you need to know is how to select feline-friendly snacks that provide the nutrition they require.