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Can Dogs Eat Durian? All You Need To Know

Durian is known as the King of Fruits in Southeast Asia. The fruit is large and intense, with a thick outer shell coated in sharp, pointed spikes. If it isn't enough to attract your interest, its odor might. It has such a foul odor that

Can Dogs Eat Limes? Are Limes Good for Dogs?

Many individuals treat their dogs as though they were family members, feeding them crumbs from their plates after meals. Dogs, for the most part, have a strong constitution and can eat a wide variety of foods. However, not everything you

Can Dogs Eat Shellfish? All You Need to Know

Is it alright to offer the leftovers to your dog (who, let's be honest, has probably been staring at you hungrily while you eat!) after you've just finished a lovely shellfish dinner but couldn't quite finish those last few mouthfuls?

Can Dogs Eat Pork Rinds? All You Need to Know

Pork rinds are a salty and crispy food made particularly for people, but have you ever wondered if you could feed them to your dog? Has she been checking up on you every time you reach into that bag and take a bite? Is it okay for your

Can Dogs Eat Curry? All You Need To Know

Curry is one of the most delicious foods available. It's loaded with taste and has the most enticing smell. Should your dog, on either way, eat curry? Probably Not While curry is a delicious cultural staple for many people around the

Can Dogs Drink Tea? Is Tea Good For Dogs

Dogs are known to be interested about the potentially sweet nectar in your cup. If you've ever dropped a cup of sugary, sweet tea on the floor, or if your dog has ever climbed onto the table, there's a strong chance he's tasted it. While a

Can Dogs Eat Fennel? All You Need To Know

It can feel like tap dancing through a minefield trying to feed your dog human food. There are so many elements in everything, and even the most unusual items can be harmful to your dog (like raisins, who knew?). Spices, too, are