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Dontay Banks: The Father Of Lil Durk (Songwriter & Singer)

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Who is Dontay Banks?

Lil Durk, an American rapper, songwriter, and vocalist, is the son of Dontay Banks. The Durk is the founder and main member of the rap group “Only the Family.”

Information Answer
Real NameDontay Banks
ProfessionCelebrity Father
Place of BirthUnited States
Sexual OrientationStraight

Durk on Father Dontay’s Locked Up Case

Dontay Banks was sentenced to jail on a dug-related offense when Durk was just seven months old. After being convicted of smuggling goods through Chicago’s South Side, his father was jailed. The first trailer for the next ‘Uncharted’ film has been released by Sony. Durk claimed that his father was sentenced to 22 years in prison for dugs. He chatted with him on a daily basis despite his incarceration. He also stated that he will be let free in a few years under New Chicago legislation. He also claimed that his father was not apprehended by d*ugs, but rather was imprisoned because Dontay did not squeal on Larry Hoover.

Durk had been married before, but to whom had he been married?

Everyone is aware of his work history and future plans. Durk, on the other hand, has had multiple relationships with women throughout his life, according to his personal history. Nicole Covone and he started dating in 2008. After splitting up with Nicole, he dated a number of women, but their names and personal information have yet to be revealed. He proposed to India Royale, whom he had previously dated, in 2018. Later, the couple married in a private ceremony.

Net worth

We may go through his son Lil Durk instead, as his father’s earnings are unknown. His net worth is $4million, and he works as a singer, composer, and rapper.

Lil Durk is a father of six kids.

The artist dated a number of women over his life, some of whom he had children with. Durk is the father of a total of six children. In 2008, he began dating Nicole, and three years later, Angelo Banks was born. Bella Banks was born in the year 2013. They went their separate ways soon after. Within a few months, Zayden Banks was born. In the year 2014, Du’mier and Skyler Banks arrived in our world. Skyler’s mother is Tameka Kute. Their mothers, on the other hand, remain unknown to the rest of the world. His and Royale’s first child, Willow Banks, was born in 2018.

Close relatives of Lil Durk have died

In November 2020, Dayvon, also known as King Von, featured in Durk’s “Only the Family” and “Empire Distribution.” On November 6, Von, a rapper and performer from the United States, was slain. His manager, who escaped being shot, stated that no police were involved in King Von’s murder.

On Saturday in Chatham, McArthur Swindle, an OTF Nunu performer, and Durk’s cousin were shot by someone who gave him a foot and fired bullets at him while he was in a parking lot. Outside the studio, Durk’s buddy was also shot and murdered.

After all, it all began with social media

Durk got his start on social media, like so many other musicians nowadays. He had no objectives, despite the fact that he frequently uploaded videos to YouTube and Myspace. He was able to gain notoriety for his abilities as a result of the videos. In addition, the artist had received no training and had just practiced by watching movies on television. Because he was associated with acts that finally did not sign him, the processes were obviously not straightforward for him, prompting him to build his own image and label.

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