How Pets Can Help You Feel Better

Mood Boost

To feel calmer and less stressed, spend a few minutes with a dog or cat, or watch fish swim. During that time, your body makes physical changes that have an impact on your mood. Cortisol, a stress hormone, decreases in concentration. Serotonin, a feel-good hormone produced by your body, also rises.

Better Blood Pressure

You must continue to keep track of your weight and exercise. Having a pet, on the other hand, can help you regulate your blood pressure. Pet owners had lower blood pressure and heart rates at rest than persons who didn’t have a pet, according to a study of 240 married couples. Another study found that children with high blood pressure improved when they petted their dog.

Assist Your Heart

Cats and dogs may provide some cardiovascular benefits to their owner. People who had never owned a cat were 40 percent more likely to die of a heart attack in a 20-year research than those who had. Another study discovered that dog owners had a higher one-year survival rate following a heart attack. Pet owners had a chance of dying from any cardiac condition, including heart failure.

Depression will be relieved.

Your pet is the only person who truly loves you unconditionally. It may even assist you in coping with and recovering from depression. Your pet will sit and listen to you for as long as you desire. When you pet a cat or dog, you’ll probably feel more relaxed. And caring for an animal — walking it, combing it, playing with it — gets you out of yourself and makes you feel better about your decisions.

Improve Your Health and Fitness

If you own a dog, you are likely to be more active than someone who does not. A daily 30-minute stroll with your dog will help you stay active. The same thing can be accomplished with two 15-minute walks, one in the morning and one in the evening. You’ll be even more fit if you play fetch with your dog in the backyard.

Asthma Prevention and Cats

It appears to be illogical. One of the most prevalent asthma triggers is pet allergies. However, experts have looked into the impact of having cats in the homes of asthma babies. They discovered that as the youngsters grew older, they were less likely to acquire asthma. There is one exception to this rule. After being exposed to cats at a young age, children whose moms have a cat allergy are three times more likely to develop asthma.

Snack Timer

A quick drop in blood glucose levels might be dangerous for those with diabetes. Some dogs can warn their owners before an incident occurs. They may detect odor-producing chemical changes in the body. The alert provides enough time for the owner to consume a snack and avert the emergency. About one-third of dogs who live with diabetic persons have this ability.

Consult a counselor

A dog is used in therapy by certain mental health therapists. A dog at the office could make someone feel more at ease. A statement to or about a dog, on the other hand, may reveal what’s actually on someone’s mind. One therapist recalls a couple who began arguing in their office. The dog, who typically slept through the session, awoke and demanded to be let out. They utilized it to show the couple how their arguments affected others, particularly their children.

Stronger Bones

Walking your dog is a weight-bearing activity that improves your bones and surrounding muscles. It also allows you to get some vitamin D by spending time in the sun. Use a short leash that won’t tangle if you have osteoporosis. Also, avoid walking a dog that may jump on you and cause you to lose your balance.

Seizure Dogs

These dogs have been specially trained to live and work with epilepsy patients. When a child experiences a seizure outside or in another room, some dogs are trained to bark and notify the parents. To avoid injury, some people lie next to or on someone who is suffering a seizure (as seen in this demonstration). In addition, some work has been done to teach canines to warn people before a seizure occurs. This allows the person to lie down or walk away from a potentially dangerous situation, such as a hot stove.

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