How to Care for an American Bobtail Cat

How to care for America Bobtail cat. The American Bobtail cat is a friendly, smart and family friendly breed. A new breed introduced in the 1960s, the American Bobtail is especially great for families.If you recently purchased this breed, you should take a gradual approach to introducing them to your family and children, feeding, exercising and grooming .

Method feeding your American Bobtail Cat

Method feeding your cat. Keep an eye on its weight. You need to feed the American Bobtail cat so that it doesn’t get overweight, and American Bobtail cat generally weighs between eight and 13 pounds weight is also correlated with gender males typically weigh between 12 and 16 pounds. Females typically weigh between seven and 11 pounds, generally feel your cat’s ribs under its fur.

If it is at a healthy weight, you should be able to feel the ribs without a layer of fat in between your fingers. Give your cat a consistent amount of food. Cats love routine, so you should give your cat the same daily portion of food at a regular meal time.

The specific amount of food should be based on your veterinarians advice, your cat’s nutritional needs will evolve as it ages in consultation with your veterinarian tailor your cat’s diet according to age, kittens need a lot of protein and healthy fats to grow and mature properly adult cats need a lower calorie diet to maintain a healthy way.

Senior cats need a lower protein diet with high digestibility shopped for quality cat food. When you buy cat food, look for quality ingredients, near the top of the listed ingredients, you should see the protein source, beef, chicken, fish, followed shortly by targeting essential amino acid, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and water fillers such as corn or wheat and then artificial ingredients will come next, but better brands will have fewer of these filler and artificial ingredients method to exercising your cat.

Method to exercising your American Bobtail Cat

Take your cat for a walk. This breed is very active, so it will benefit from short walks around the block. Use a cat leash and collar to walk them around the block. If you live in a rural area, you can also just let the cat outside to explore for periods of the day. However, if you like to let your cat outside, you should consider the impact of your cat on local wildlife, as well as risks such as traffic and predication.

Try training your cat to walk on a leash as a kitten, since they are more open to new experiences at a young age. That said, you can train a cat to walk on a leash at any age. Give it puzzles and toys to play with inside the American Bobtail cat is very smart. If you leave the cat inside during the day, you need to give it something to keep its mind occupied puzzle toys such as food mazes prize games, treat ballgames and massages are all good options. Lined toys are another great option, such as ones and teasers with furry animals on the end. Get a scratching post or toy.

If your Bobtail cat were in the wild, you might find them exercising their muscles on trees in the comfort of your home, they may want to scratch your expensive furniture, instead of your furniture, Find a scratching toy that your cat will enjoy.

Consider the height material surfaces and sturdiness of the scratching toy scratching posts, for instance, should have a very sturdy base of variety of surfaces to scratch and be made from sizeable fabric or another attractive material, the sturdiness of the post is especially important since you don’t want your cat to get injured climbing a poorly made post.

Give your cat room to climb and jump. American bobtails love to climb. Make sure you have a cat condo or other high platforms for your cat to leave and climb on many of these cat condos also come with scratching posts, which will reduce your cat’s urge to scratch your furniture.

Method grooming your American Bobtail Cat

Method grooming your cat. Brush your cat twice a week. The American Bobtail sheds a lot in the spring and fall months, so you will need to brush your cat more during those seasons. Generally, brush your cat a couple of times a week to remove dead hair and keep the coat looking shiny. Use a slick brush, such as a rubber curry, trim the nails. It is important to stay on top of nail trimming for this breed, especially if you value your furniture and skin.

Ask a friend to hold your cat firmly in their lap while they are holding your cat, grab one of your cat’s paws, gently pressed down on the top and bottom of the pond to extend your cat’s claws. While they are extended clip off the pointy part of the claw.

Don’t cut too close to the pink part of the claw, where all the nerve endings are located. Monitor your cat’s ears. It is important to keep an eye on your cat’s ears, including occasional cleaning and watching out for infection. Every week you should wipe out your cat’s ears with a soft

damp cloth voice in the cloud with half cider vinegar and half warm water, then clean up their ears, cotton balls should be avoided because they may damage your cat’s ears. If you observe any loss of balance, Holly or sensitivity of the ears, you should get your cat checked down to the vet. Remove any discharge from their eyes.

To get rid of angel dust or any discharge, you should use a damp napkin to wipe any debris out from the corner of their eyes, brush their teeth. Since this breed can be vulnerable to deep problems, you should regularly brush their teeth. It is best to brush their teeth three times per week.

Holding your cat firmly but gently in your lap, brush their teeth with feline toothpaste and a cat toothbrush, always brush away from the gum line. At the end of the session, you don’t need to rinse their mouth because feline toothpaste is meant to be eaten, keep a clean litter box. This breed is sensitive about bathroom cleanliness, so you should make sure you regularly clean out their litter box. You should clean the litter box once or twice per day.