How To Know If Your Dog Loves You

Is it true that my dog just loves me because of my food? If you’ve thought the same thing, you’re not alone. Thousands of dog owners have questioned the same thing. Are they outright con artists, or do they genuinely care about us?

Yes, in a word. Dogs adore us, and they show it in a variety of ways.

Signs That Your Dog Loves You

Here are a few methods to know if your dog is displaying affection:

They’re looking forward to seeing you. This is a scene that every dog owner is familiar with. When you go out your front door, you’re greeted by a hairy storm. Your dog may leap on you, lick your face, and wag their tail. One way to know they love and miss you is if they are delighted to see you.

They are looking for physical contact. This can be expressed through a short nuzzle, a cuddle, or the well-known lean. All of these are signs that your dog wants to be loved. It’s ideal if you resist the impulse to encircle them in a tight hug.

They’d want to sleep close to you. By nature, dogs sleep in a pack near to one another. They put their noses to the wind to detect any smells that could indicate a threat. When your dog snuggles up to you or wants to sleep in your room, it means they trust and feel safe with you.

They look at you with puppy eyes. Eye contact is a major deal for dogs, and they only do it with people they love and trust. Dead-on eye contact is an aggressive behavior in the wild. They use this approach to intimidate and gain authority over one another. When your dog stares you in the eyes and maintains eye contact without dilation of the pupils, they are warmly staring at you.

They take a look on you. Cooking, watching TV, and going to the bathroom – your dog is there for it all — or at least tries to be. Your dog might come into your room once in a while to say hello, or they could be your constant companion throughout the house. Your dog’s affection is shown in a variety of ways, including checking in on you. They’re checking to see if you’re okay!

They’re going to lick you. It could be for a variety of reasons that your dog licks you, but it’s always a friendly gesture. They want to talk to you and interact with you. They could be getting ready to play or simply giving a peck before a has. They want to show you that they care in any case.

Their toys are shared. When your dog wants to play, they may tease you with their toy, but in a true act of affection, they will bring it to you as a gift. They want to give their most valuable asset to anyone they care about. That sounds like a lot of love.

When it comes to eating, you’re merely second best. Except for a big bowl of food, a dog who loves you will put you first. That’ll be the only moment they’re absolutely enamored with something else.

What Science Says About Puppy Love

Researchers used magnetic imaging resonance examinations (MRI) on numerous trained dogs to look at their brain activity in order to address this age-old topic. The canines were more excited by their human’s aroma than any other smell, including food, when presented with a variety of other smells. According to research, some dogs choose praise above food, while others desire both.

Another study found that when dogs were exposed to happy sounds such as praise, their brain activity risen exponentially. The same study discovered numerous parallels between how humans and canines absorb sound.

In a word, dogs are pre-programmed to detect changes in our voice and demeanor. That is why dogs are our best buddies out of all the creatures in the world.

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