How To Take Care Of Your Great Dane

Today we’re here to talk to you about the most useful grading treatment for Great Dane, you’re probably not using. Now if your mind jumps straight to common commands like sit and stand.

There’s already commands. There’s something that every nation. However, I don’t feel always the most useful nowadays to their large size yep they’re a giant breed, it’s really helpful to be able to give them choices about what to do, where, and that’s where place comes in.

Alright so if you’re not familiar with the place command, what it means essentially is that if I need Gus to for example, jump in the back of the car to a darker place where if I need her to sit down in a certain spot on the back of a patio in a restaurant, or do anything when you go to a specific place.

That place can be compared to somebody like sued recently tell him to sit and they do that on that single spot place you can actually get the direction saying go place over there, and they do to actually go to that place, sit and wait for the next.

Now places have fantastic command, however it’s not the first command that I recommend starting with your breaking needs to master things like sit and calm or recall before you work on place but once you have those down places probably the most powerful.

Now the way you can teach voice is to actually use arrays and this really acts as targets that way when you’re trying to teach them where to go.

That’s the actual target. It’s really hard to play point simply to spot before respond to gratis, and hope your day knows exactly where to go. That’s why creating small platform, to give them the very concrete areas to where they need to hit.

That was many ways to teach different commands the way that I taught us how one place is very similar free will take our given place which can be a box in front of the dog park, or somewhere temporary service, and put on a leash and will stand about 10 to 15 steps away from the actual place that I work now for sitting by my side. What I’ll do is I’m pointing directly at the spot.

Pointing very clearly, the direction you’re pointing at, and clearly say place. So your wait about two or three seconds. That way they have a second to kind of internalize the new command. And then you’ll lead them up to that place and actually guide them on top of the platform. And once they’re on top, you’ll have them sit for a couple seconds.

This way, they’re not just hopping off immediately thinking for who completed the trick, I get a treat now, and they actually need to remain spot in spot. Now once they have clicked the place. You can of course release them with an okay or whatever the other release command is. And you can play with them around and celebrate the successful execution of your first place.

Now of course we’ll repeat this time and time again, until she really gets a hold of it. And where’s the place command and eventually sure that when you point and say place, you can actually allow them to be off leash and they’ll go run and jump onto that object.

Of course you want to do this enclosed area where it’s safe to be off leash, don’t have a strong recall of it’s not allowed. But as you grow with time and experience here, you can stand further and further away from the object to give them the clear direction, have to run, jump, and either wait first at a time, or just move the distance out to get more complex.

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