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How To Teach A Dog To Go To Bed

This is why it is recommended to teach your dog to sleep in their own bed from an early age.It is important to be clear that the guidelines we are going to follow should be maintained throughout the training.

First of all, it must provide our dog with a comfortable pleasant bed, since it will be the place where they will have to rest. The ideal bed must meet the following requirements, it’s big enough for your pet to rest comfortably. If your dog is a puppy, you can buy a bed thinking about the size they will reach in adulthood and fill the excess space or cushions. Make sure the bed is padded so that the dog feels comfortable. Otherwise they will probably prefer our bed. And that is precisely what we want to avoid. Especially if our dog is a puppy, they are likely to pee on the bed, so you should wash it, choose a material that can be washed. Now that we have the perfect bed it’s time to teach your dog to sleep in it, you’ll need the following, lots of patients, special dog treats a suitable place to conduct the training.

To start with, no need to hide a price in your hand, we have used a small piece of digestive feed, but you can use the snack you prefer, you will guide your dog with your hand until they get on the bed. And once there, you will ask them to lie down, then reward them with the treats and congratulate them with a very good. If your dog doesn’t seem to be interested in the bed or seems afraid of it, you can leave some prices on top of it to associate it positively. After several repetitions, you will be able to exercise normally. Once your dog is able to lie on the bed without fear, you should start doing repetitions, keep guiding your dog to bed and asking them to lie on top of it.

At first you will continue to guide them with the hidden price, but then you will guide them, only with your hand. When your dog begins to understand the exercise, they will lie directly on the bed. That’s a very good sign. Continue reinforcing and rewarding, both with snacks and your voice.

Now we’re going to increase the difficulty by getting them to lie down whenever we asked them to. To do this, you must move on bed to another place in your home and practice the same exercise there. If your dog lies down without any problems in different places, we should congratulate them. You can now add a physical or verbal sign, you can say go to bed, or sleep, whatever you prefer.

Now you will have to keep working. We recommend you practice this exercise on a daily basis until we have integrated it completely. In the beginning you will still use prices, but gradually you will have to withdraw them so that it doesn’t depend solely on food to make them pay attention, then you will reinforce them with petting and kind words. If your dog sleeps in their bed, but keeps jumping on the couch or your bed, you should get them used to not doing this, how following the exact previous process, with some variations, show them a treat. Tell them the word you’ve chosen point to the bed. Reward them when they are on it. It is quite possible that, especially if your dog is a puppy, they will cry for or not stay in their bed. However, you should be consistent and continue with the training, as long as it takes to adjust and make them feel comfortable.