Iotty Smart Switch, Features and Price

The Iotty smart switch is a new type of home automation device which can be used as a smart switch, iotty smart switch is out of the box and ready to work, iotty is powered by IOTA and has a WiFi connection, so you can control your lights straight from your phone or tablet. It doesn’t depend on the Internet to work and it’s easy to set up. When the iotty light switch is used as a light switch, you can use it to turn on or turn off the lights of your home and adjust their brightness with the help of a full remote control iOS or Android app.

Yes, there are lots of good smart bulb options, but the big annoyance is that you have to leave the switch on for them to work. So, if you want advice on lighting switches, the Iotty Smart switch might be just what you want. Smart switches don’t have that problem because, unlike bulbs, they’re hardwired, and stay powered even when the switch is in the off position.

With touch-sensitive controls, a built-in backlight, and a range of different-colored faceplates made of tempered Italian glass, the new Iotty Smart Light Switch Pro, which just launched on Kickstarter, is one of the best-looking smart switches on the market. While the retail price of $70 reflects this high-end approach, Kickstarter backers can get a $39 early-bird discount, bringing the price per switch down to $39.

The software that runs Iotty’s smart switch doesn’t dim the lights — it’s just a binary, on/off controller — but it still has a lot of interesting features. Iotty’s software promises to let you schedule automated lighting changes, track energy consumption, and activate a “away mode” that randomly cycles lights on and off to make it appear as though you’re at home when you aren’t.
You can also set the lights to turn on automatically anytime your phone reconnects to your home’s Wi-Fi network or enters a geofenced zone around your house. For voice-activated lighting changes, Iotty claims that its switch will work with Amazon’s Alexa.
Another intriguing aspect is that Iotty’s switch is available in single, double, or triple-switch configurations, which sounds far more convenient than cramming numerous smart switches into the same gang box.

All of this sounds fantastic for a stylish smart switch that costs less than $40. Because it permits three-way switch installations, where more than one switch is linked to the same light, the Iotty switch offers a distinct advantage.

These smart switches can manage practically all of your lights, lamps, heaters, and other equipment with the iotty smartphone app. IoT technology is one of the most innovative inventions in current electronics, and it provides a variety of options. It was initially presented to us in the 1980s when we saw a machine that could be controlled remotely over a computer network. The gadgets are known as “Internet-of-Things” and are connected to the Internet.

The beauty of this idea is that it can control your home and communicate with any gadget, including your toothbrush. It’s simple to monitor power consumption and relight the battery. You might prefer a wall switch or a dimmer switch in your living room near to your fireplace.

Iotty Smart Switch is available in a variety of sizes and formats to suit your specific requirements.