Is It Harmful If My Cat Eats Flies?

You will likely have seen your cat jump through the air to attack with bigger something you can’t even see a closer look and reveal they’re actually trying to catch a fly something they’re quite adept at hunting. Since we provide them with food. Why do you can’t feel the need to eat flies.

Why Do Cats Hunt and Eat Flies?

Cats are predatory animals which have a natural instinct to hunt for food, their wild ancestors lived on prey such as rodents, and to a lesser extent, birds, reptiles, and even insects. For this reason, despite being provided with plenty of food, they retain the instinct to stop Chase and catch flies. Some cats make a chattering noise with their mouth when they spot potential prey. It is believed this is an anticipatory action, specifically anticipating the bite a cat uses to kill their prey as quickly as possible, and prevent their skin with a certain jaw movement. They severed the spine, and immediately paralyzed their prey. You may also see the cat lose their head from side to side. This is to calculate the distance of the prey, so they can accurately hit them when they launch themselves.

Well, we should be careful with bee and wasp stings, in principle, we shouldn’t prevent cats hunting flies, discover various games in which your cat can practice hunting.

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Why Do Cats Play With Flies Before They kill Them?

More often than not, the cat will not kill an the flies immediately. Instead, they will hit them with enough force to stun them, but not kill them. They may enjoy passing them back and forth, catching and releasing them. This behavior is explained as a desire of the cat to prolong the hunting activity as they don’t hunt as frequently as wild cats, especially those without outdoor access domestic cats have little opportunity to test their hunting skills. For this reason, it’s important they make the most of any opportunity female cats are particularly predisposed to play in in this way, as it’s believed to be related to their bringing up prey to their kittens, and then demonstrating how the prey should be killed. There is a final explanation which refers to the prey themselves cats would prey on rats, some of which were large enough to cause significant injury by battling the rat with their Paul, they were able to first stun the rat with a succession of flows and be less likely to be injured.

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Is It Good For Cats To Eat Flies?

Generally ingesting insects won’t harm them due to their small size, it’s possible. Some of them may contain pathogens, but it’s unlikely these will be in a sufficient quantity to harm the cat. Even so, it’s important to regularly deworm your cat to avoid such problems. For these reasons, we can say cats and flies from time to time isn’t a dangerous activity, as long as they aren’t doing it because they are hungry.

What If My Cat Eats a Fly With Insecticide?

if you’ve used any product to kill flies, don’t take risks and allow your cat to eat them, distract their attention by offering another activity which interest them. If they have already eaten the fly, observe them closely for any adverse reactions, if they occur, contact the vet. By way of prevention, Don’t use products in your home which are toxic to your cat and Always read the label.

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