Jay Leno Talked about Elon Musk and quoted him as a “True Genius”

Based on the recent YouTube live event Jay Leno’s Garage, where Jay Leno responded to audience comments and talked about the brand-new episode on Wednesday that featured Elon Musk. He claimed that Elon resides on the Starbase site in a little Airstream trailer. There isn’t a yacht, anything that resembles something out of Goldfinger, caressing a car, or any of that stuff. Jay believes he is a true genius. Jay also added that meeting a dreamer with practical dreams is enjoyable.

Elon Musk responded to that on Twitter by stating that he actually lives in a small house on Weems St. that cost around $50,000. According to the sources, Musk claimed to reside in a “very tiny” three-bedroom home in Boca Chica, South Texas. Smaller houses had a more “homey” feeling according to him. Elon remarked that when his friends visit and stay, they find it hard to believe that he is living here.

Furthermore, he also mentioned that although the South Texas house had three bedrooms in theory, it was a two-bedroom before he renovated the garage. Musk claimed he could walk the half-mile distance to SpaceX’s South Texas rocket facility.