Lhasa Apso Bio, Training, Interests

Lhasa Apso is a watchful and caring companion who wants nothing more than protecting their family, there are headstrong dogs that like to think of themselves as large dogs, and have a knack for leadership, many of them are accustomed to being pampered and are considered sacred in their country of origin that is Tibbett, with that said, let’s get into the list of top 10 Interesting facts about Lhasa Apso.

Their History

Lhasa Apso dogs originated in Tibet where they were bred exclusively by nobility and monks, as a guardian dog, the first records of the breed go back to 800 BC, these guys were used as watchdogs and temples and monasteries, which made it nearly impossible for ordinary people to buy one, people believe the dogs brought good luck and a Dalai Lama would often send the Lhasa Apso dogs as gifts to Chinese emperors and members of the imperial family, the first last set they enter the United States were gifted by the 13 Dalai Lama and 1933 CSUDH M cutting in the American Kennel Club recognize the last episode as a read in 1935.

How Their Name Came To Be

Lhasa Apso is the capital of Tibbett ,So it is clear that the dogs were likely named after the capital, however, the word apses meaning is a little unclear, it could be a misspelling of the word Absa which is part of the lasses original Tibetan name Apso sang here, which translates to bark lion central dog in English. Another theory suggests that Apso derived from Tibetan word for goat rap so, because of the dogs Willie and coats like coat.

They Live Extremely Long Lives

The average lifespan of dogs is 10 to 13 years, however many Lhasa Apsos live to their late teens and some even live beyond the age of 20, the oldest last episode, lived a whopping 29 years and passed away in 1939, the mature slowly so even when they get old, they will usually retain their puppy like attributes.

They Are The Perfect Indoor Companions

For a long time Lhasa Apso have fulfilled their duties as royal watchdogs and have been extremely dedicated to their job. In the past they were associated with Tibetan Mastiffs and snowline dogs, these two dogs would guard the Tibetan dwellings from the outside and molasses would guard from the inside. Today Lhasa Apso made great family companions loyally protecting their family from danger, they can adapt well to apartment living but would not mind having a security yard to run and play around them.

There Are Celebrity Favorites

Lhasa Apso are popular family pets and our celebrity favorite many 20th and 21st century celebs have owned them, including Elizabeth Taylor, Kurt Vonnegut Ellen DeGeneres, Jane Lynch and Gwen Stefani, they’re beautiful appearances in addition to their favoritism and they ranked 71 out of 196 dog breeds in America. According to the American Kennel Club with their cut sparkling eyes and fluffy code, they make adorable and sweet companions.

They Are Protective Dogs

Lhasa Apsos are not necessarily a guard dog, however, They’re excellent Watch Dogs wary of strangers the last episode will lead out of bark at new sights and sounds, it will guard their home fearlessly and yappin anyone who comes by also they’re strong minded stubborn and domineering, but with proper training, these traits can be suppressed, to some extent.

Training Them Can Prove A Little Difficult

The headstrong and stubborn Lhasa Apso can be a tad bit difficult to train these dogs are intelligent and can learn new things quickly, but they become uninterested and no time, positive reinforcement training works best with Lhasa, so be patient with your dog by praising and treating them. The key is to do it in a fun way for both the dog and the owner, always make sure not to repeat the same task and try doing something new every time.

They Have A Mild Energy Level

Since these dogs may great indoor pets, you might think that they are pricy couch potatoes, however, that is not the case. Lhasa Apso is an active outdoorsy dog, they’re neither highly active nor lazy, rather they enjoy having opportunities to frolic and play, they love playing around in a fenced yard

Their Health Issues

Lhasa are generally healthy, but like all other breeds, they’re prone to specific health conditions, not all Lhasa will get any or all of these diseases. So it’s crucial to get a puppy from refutable breeder who can show you the pups parents health clearances in Lhasa, you should expect to see health clearances for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism and von Willebrand disease. Other notable diseases are ceria in parallel relaxation allergies and progressive retinal atrophy, no matter how healthy Lhasa Apso is, be sure to visit the vet every once in a while to screen your dog.

Their Grooming

Lhasa have a long straight dense and gorgeous coat, which is why grooming them can prove quite tricky and time consuming. Many owners choose to hire a professional groomer just because grooming them is an arduous task, keep them looking at their best, brush your last coat regularly brush their teeth daily to prevent tartar buildup and trim the nails once or twice a month to make your dog accustomed to being brushed and examined begin grooming your last from puppyhood.