Nihmune Face Reveal, Real Name, Age, Wiki, Biography, Net Worth and New Updates

Akuma Nihmune is a well-known virtual YouTuber and Twitch streamer. She gained popularity for streaming virtually on her Twitch channel. To date, she has obtained almost two hundred thousand followers on the live-streaming platform. To learn more about her face reveal, real name, age, wiki, bio, height, weight, family, ethnicity, and nationality and new updates.

Nihmune Biography

In a household of American parents, Nihmune was born in the US. She’s kept her birthday a secret from the general public, though. Her zodiac sign is currently unclear, although she goes by the moniker Numi. At an unidentified educational facility in her hometown, she completed her education. Regarding her higher education, Numi hasn’t provided any information.

Nihmune is an extremely reserved individual who makes every effort to keep her personal life and business life apart. Details about her family are currently unavailable. Currently single and not married, she has no romantic partners.

Real NameNot known
Know AsNumi
ProfessionVirtual YouTuber and Twitch streamer
AgeMid 20s
Date of BirthNot Known
BirthplaceUnited States
Zodiac SignNot Known
CollegeNot Known
Famous ForStreaming on Twitch

One of the major questions among Nihmune’s fan base is how her face was revealed. In fact, she refers to her followers as “Noombas.” She always broadcasts through an animated persona that appears on the left side of the screen, much like every other virtual YouTuber. She picked a tall, purple-haired figure.

Despite the repeated requests from her followers to show her true face, she refuses to do so. VTubers have frequently exposed their true faces in the past (for example Veibae). But right now, it doesn’t look like Numi is involved in this case.

Numerous images circulating on the internet purport to depict her first appearance. However, they are all absolutely fabricated, as she has never publicly posted her picture on the internet. Either you must know her personally, or you must wait until she takes the initiative to reveal her original appearance.

Nihmune Age, Height and Weight

Although Nihmune has not disclosed her actual age, it is thought that she is in her mid-20s. We were unable to obtain information on her physical appearance due to the fact that she has not yet revealed her true image. This information would be updated whenever she reveals her face.


Nihmune is a virtual independent YouTuber. Similar to the majority of VTubers, she has not received assistance from a large VTuber agency in order to gain Internet popularity. She debuted on November 19, 2021, and never looked back.

Although she made her debut in November, she had participated in regular streams previously. At the time of her debut, she had more than 15,000 Twitch followers. She surpassed 35,000 followers on the live-streaming network before the end of that year. She performs a variety of streams as a Virtual YouTuber, from reacting to internet content to playing video games. She broadcasts major video games such as The Forest, Persona 4 Golden, Friday the 13th: The Game, etc.

However, she primarily gained recognition due to her amusing live streaming. While she only streams a few times every week, she receives an average of more than 3,000 concurrent viewers. Currently, she has more than 195,000 Twitch followers.

Despite the fact that she has 205k more subscribers on YouTube, she uses this platform to share Twitch live stream highlights and her creative music. She has been producing songs for several years. To far, she has released two EPs and one album. Carry Me Home, her debut album, was released in June 2022. Currently, her most popular song is CPR, a single with over 1.3 million listens on Spotify.

Nihmune Net Worth

The net worth of Nihmune is $200,000 (estimated). Her primary earning sources are Twitch and music. She participates in the Twitch Partner Program and generates income through a variety of features. She earns primarily through advertisements, donations, and applause. She also earns additional cash via subscription plans and personal sponsorships.

According to TwitchTracker, she has 4,727 active paying members at now. According to accurate figures, she earns at least $11,000 each month from memberships alone. If she can find a sponsor for one of her streams, her revenue will increase substantially.

Regarding music, she makes income via streams of her original music. Typically, she uploads her music to YouTube and Spotify. If her songs are played frequently, she makes a lot of money. In addition, she sells products on the website uwumarket. She has listed things such as posters, stickers, and hats in addition to clothing.