RatedEpicz Real Name, Age, Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Girlfriend and Face Reveal

RatedEpicz is a Twitch/Facebook streamer and social media sensation from England. On his Twitch account, he was known for streaming a wide range of video games. On the website, he has about half a million followers. However, for live streaming, he has switched to Facebook Gaming. On Biography Vibe we give you an in depth of his details, like what he likes to do, His age, height, relationship, nationality and more. Read below to know all about RatedEpicz.

Facts Biography About RatedEpicz

Real NameUnknown
Nick NameRatedEpicz
Place of BirthEngland
Dated Of Birth7 October 1997
Age24 years
ProfessionsTwitch/Facebook streamer & social media star

How old Is RatedEpicz?

RatedEpicz was born on 7 October 1997, He is 24 years old. His birth sign is Libra. RatedEpicz was born in England and he holds British nationality.


RatedEpicz has not shared any information about his parents and siblings at this point in time. Although, we are doing our detailed investigation and we will update you as we get any credible information about her parents and siblings.

RatedEpicz Face Reveal

RatedEpicz hasn’t done a face reveal till now. During his live streams, he only talks with his viewers while he doesn’t display his real face. Unlike VTubers, he doesn’t even showcase an animated character on his live streams. He has never shared any particular reason for his not showing his face. It is most likely that he doesn’t feel comfortable streaming with a facecam on. Also, there are many pictures on the internet claiming that those are his real pictures. However, all of them are fake as Rated never publicly confirmed regarding these pictures.

What is the Height and Weight of RatedEpicz?

His height is 6 feet while his weight is 82 kg. There are not many details available about his facial features as he hasn’t revealed his face yet.

Who Is RatedEpicz Girlfriend?

He hasn’t revealed anything about his personal life. He is currently single and solely focused on his career. His previous dating history isn’t public knowledge.


Twitch channel. However, he has created his YouTube channel a bit earlier. Growing up, Rated enjoyed playing video games, especially CS: GO. In 2017, he uploaded three CS: GO montage videos on his channel. After that, he hasn’t uploaded any video for a few years. The next year, he began streaming video games on Twitch while he was still in college at that time. Hence, it wasn’t easy for him to manage both college & Twitch at the same time. Primarily, his streams didn’t attract any viewers. However, he consistently streamed on the platform for over a year before seeing any positive results.

While he streamed numerous games, he got popular for streaming GTA V RP. After streaming on Twitch for more than two years, he has moved to Facebook Gaming. The reason behind this is unknown as he could have signed with Face Book Gaming. He first streamed on 11 October 2021 & is still streaming on Facebook to date. On the other hand, his Twitch channel is just left inactive which has over 485k followers.

When it comes to YouTube, he uploads live stream highlights on his channel. He uploads every time he does a live stream. Hence, his upload schedule really depends on the number of times he streams. Currently, he has more than 63k subscribers with 2.1 million total video views. Coming back to his Facebook page, he has more than 152k followers with thousands of people watching his live streams.

RatedEpicz Net Worth

RatedEpicz’s net worth is $800,000 (estimated). His major income sources are Facebook & sponsorships. As a full-time streamer of Facebook, he uses all the available features on the website to make the most out of it. He mainly earns money through donations, stars, and supporters.

When it comes to sponsorships, he partners with prominent brands for sponsorships to make extra income. Sponsorships are a great income source for each creator on the internet. Till now, he has worked with brands such as G-Fuel, Artesian Builds, etc. He doesn’t make much money from his YouTube channel as it only earns a few hundred thousand views each month. Hence, it doesn’t get qualified to be called a major income source.


  • He has completed college graduation & is now a full-time streamer.
  • He has played video games with prominent streamers such as Ramee, fuslie, Sykkuno, etc.
  • He has a discord server named The Bullet Club with almost 25k members.
  • He shares random pictures on his Instagram handle with over 20k followers.
  • Currently, he resides in London, England.
  • He has released a single titled Bullet Express featuring P Money, Big D, Wayne, and Wiked.
  • He joined Twitter in October 2013 & has earned more than 108k followers till now.

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