Saluki Bio, Training, Interests

Saluki is a sighthound that has been in existence for 1000s of years, these graceful dogs are bred for strength, speed and endurance. These are the qualities that are quite evident with their long and narrow head and sleek yet muscular body, they usually have a weight that averages between 40 and 60 pounds with a height of 23 to 28 inches tall at the shoulder, they generally live about 12 to 14 years, if you’ve ever met, or own one of these lovely dogs, you’ll definitely know what funny creatures that could be with their sensitive nature and soft fluffy ears here are 10 Interesting facts about the symmetrical hunters.

Their History

Salukis are one of the oldest known dog breeds in the world, there’s an archaeological evidence that these dogs date back to at least 5000 years, their roots can be traced back to ancient Egypt, Persia, Greece, and the Middle East, images of these slender dogs have been found in various artifacts in the Middle East, such as tomb paintings and Mazique sculptures, they were mainly bred as desert dogs, and they lived alongside nomadic tribes, the American Kennel Club officially recognized the Saluki in 1927.

They Hunt By Sight

Salukis our sighthound they use their eyes to hunt their prey as opposed to most other dogs, the view is sound or smell, these guys have an exceptional sight that goes well with their tremendous speed, long and slim out of these elegant hounds also improves their eyesight thanks to their full range of physics, they’ve also been prized since early times for their ability to hunt down puzzles and other praise.

Saluki Is The Royal Geography Egypt

Egyptians either regarded Salukis as a royal Daga fija because of their hunting abilities in hot and dry desert landscapes, Egyptian Royals considered them in honor dogs so much that they were mummified like the pharaohs, the remains have been found in the tombs of the Upper Nile Arab tribesmen also highly valued Salukis were thought of them as gifts from God and called them al Hora which means noble in Arabic, they paid equal attention to the breeding of their Salukis as they did to their Arabian horses prising speed, endurance and keen hunting instinct.

They Are Reserved Dogs

Salukis run faster than any human which is why pet owners have a hard time accompanying these guys because of this Salukis have developed an independancy with a reserved personality, especially around strangers that are of compassionate nature and they need plenty of patience and gentleness while training, and the right environment with a trainer familiar with their hands particular needs a Saluki is a pleasure to have around.

Salukis Have Short Soft and Silky Coat

The coat of these dogs can either be feathered or smooth, the feather variety has denser hair on the years tail and the thighs in the back of the legs, whereas the smooth Salukis around like closer coats and less feathering around their tails and upper legs, their grooming needs are low requiring only weekly brushing and twice weekly for the feathering. However, it’s always a good idea to pay more attention to their distinguishing long and feathery years with a soft brush.

Their Stamina and Strength

Salukis graceful appearance can sometimes contradict their stamina and strength, since they pray over long and difficult grounds, They’re not delicate and fragile as they look. Some readers claim that these hands can run almost 50 miles an hour, which explains why Arab tribesmen, read them for hunting gazelles and an average Salukis can speed up to 30 to 35 miles an hour and they need to run at least once or twice a day, these guys are also phenomenal jumpers chasing most of the small animals and even killing some as a Saluki owner, you might want to keep your house in the lease in unsecured areas such as near roads or steep ditches to avoid that when prompted the citizen for chasing anything they see.

They Need A Lot of Exercise

Salukis are high functioning athletes, therefore they benefit from highly mental and physical challenges, the excel at lower courts saying agility exhibition jumping and flyball which explains their tremendous stamina. This is why they need at least two hours of exercise daily, if these guys are not given the right amount of mental and physical stimulation daily, they can develop destructive behavioral issues, this can consequently make them hard to control and live with.

Salukis Love Coziness

Coziness matters to these silky and sensitive dogs, they love the luxury of soft spaces exceptionally soft beds and a warm room. Don’t be surprised to see a Saluki wagging its tail with excitement when provided with comfy and soft beds, you might also see some of these dogs persistently using their paws to dig at soft furnishings in an effort to create a cozy nest for themselves.

They Make Miserable Protection Dogs

Salukis love to chase, and they may be serious hunters and hard, but they are definitely not suitable for protection, these ethereal pops with those big innocent eyes can be extremely quiet at home, therefore using them as protection dogs might not be a good idea, their nature of being aloof and even shy at strangers will ever makes them a general breed of dogs, although in some cases, they’re considered adequate Watchdogs.

Living With kids

Salukis enjoy quieter environments for these slender hounds living with kids might not come off as a problem as long as things don’t get loud or too disturbing for their reserve personality, however they might not be the right choice for families with babies, They do make an ideal pet for owners with much older kids, who know how to behave around dogs with sensitive behaviors.