Sarah Michelle Gellar Enters the Growing Teen Wolf Universe and Switches to Vampires for Werewolves

As per the news floating around the internet, it claims that during the Teen Wolf panel, the former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star shocked Comic-Con attendees by coming by to announce that she would executive produce and star in the new spin-off series Wolf Pack.

Though the upcoming film may introduce a new chapter to the Teen Wolf universe, the story won’t necessarily end. Sarah Michelle Gellar’s announcement that she will be joining the franchise on Thursday at San Diego Comic-Con was one of the biggest surprises.

Moreover, fans may be even more thrilled that the former Buffy the Vampire Slayer cast member has agreed to star in and executive produce Wolf Pack, the next TV series in the franchise, even though she won’t be in the film.

At the conclusion of the Teen Wolf panel on Thursday, SMG unexpectedly appeared in front of the audience to drop the news that she will be returning to the supernatural world as an arson detective hired to catch a teen arsonist.

The issue is that Los Angeles is, well, it’s simply too alluring to ignore, and the fire may have awakened a far bigger and nastier otherworldly terror. After all, it is just idly seated and packed with all those people!

We also came to know from the sources, that the new series is based on a four-book series by author Edo Van Belkom, even though it is firmly situated in the Teen Wolf universe. The series, which lasted from 2004 to 2008, centers on a ranger and his wife who adopt what they initially think is a litter of four wolf cubs before realizing they are more than just wolves. The majority of the series occurs once the cubs reach adolescence.

Furthermore, after making a little joke about having to change her name to Tyler in order to work with “Teen Wolf” actors Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin, SMG expressed her desire for both men to feature on her program. It was discovered that she had only begun to film. As the central characters of the plot, Gellar joins previously cast series stars Armani Jackson (Everett) and Bella Shepard (Blake), as well as Chloe Rose Robertson (Luna) and Tyler Lawrence Gray (Harlan). The Wolf Pack is expected to air on Parmount+ later this year. The release of Teen Wolf: The Movie is also planned for 2022.