Study, Job Opportunities in Australia’s Top 10 Best Places to Live

Australian cities offer a vibrant array of different lifestyle options with immaculate beaches and natural parents never too far away from the thriving art scene of Melbourne, to the high flying corporate culture of Sydney. There’s always a place to call home. With this in mind, we’ve put together a guide to some of the best places to live in Australia, to help you make an informed decision.


Melbourne is the top cultural centre of Australia. And it’s also ranked on the list of the most livable cities in the world. Having a diverse economy, many of Australia’s largest corporations are headquartered in Melbourne. The cost of living is relatively high, although slightly cheaper than Sydney, and the employment market is quite good, especially for expats who specialize in aviation, construction, automotive engineering, financial services and technology in Melbourne. You can complement your study with several leisure activities, such as attending live music events, and numerous seeing the competition, a sporting event.


Cairn’s population is only 152,000. It is well known for being the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, tropical weather or relaxed lifestyle and coastal are what draws visitors who come for a holiday, and stay for life. Cairn’s isn’t as cheap as it once was. But it is another great escape from the crushing cost of living in Australia’s major capital cities. Cairn’s also has a good mix of public and private schools. James Cook University is one of the most renowned marine science institutions in the world. Another positive to add to the Cairn’s lifestyle, is that it is very bike friendly parents is completely flat, and has bike. So that ride to any location is made safe. Nice.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast, home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. It’s no wonder the Gold Coast is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. It’s vibrant and young atmosphere, along with the sunny climate and the quality of life, makes it a top destination for experts. Gold Coast is surrounded by rural areas, mountains, and you can also review a few national parks. Gold Coast is also to dozens of public and private schools. Many builds relatively recently, to cater to the booming population. Housing campuses for Australian universities. Gold Coast has around 30,000 university students, and is probably the best Australian city for free, and enjoying thriving.

The Australian capital

It offers all the cosmopolitan benefits of being in a modern vibrant city. While exuding the relaxed and friendly ambience of a larger country home to a wide range of political and government institutions, including the Australian Parliament, the AC T offers a wide range of job opportunities and great sounds that would easily rival those of its much larger neighbors. The AC T is an affordable study destination, with a high standard of living, but lower costs than Sydney or Melbourne. Students should allow at least $13,000 per year to cover accommodations, food, and additional expenses.


As the capital of the island state of Tasmania, Hobart is a decidedly different city far removed from the mainland. It offers immense natural beauty and a quieter, low stress lifestyle. Just despite a recent boom in the property has mania remains the most affordable state in Australia, to buy a house. Housing is cheaper and covert than most mainland cities. Unlike many of the northern cities, Hobart has four distinct seasons, and a cool, point,


Wollongong is a vibrant multicultural city situated on one of Australia’s most picturesque ghost regarded as Australia’s most livable Regency woolen Gong combines a relaxed, coastal atmosphere with cosmopolitan dining, shopping, and culture. The city is an educational hub in the region, and is home to the University of Wollongong, as well as many other colleges and schools. Furthermore, the city enjoys a very reasonable cost of living, which means you can focus your efforts on your studies, not your finances. The cost of living in Rome is lower than many other cities in Australia, including Sydney and Melbourne.


Welcoming around 50,000 international students each year. Brisbane is the third most populous city in Australia. Brisbane is also called a new world city. And in addition to foreign students. The city counts many tourists. So overall, you will feel a true multicultural environment, local universities charge low tuition. And you can choose from over 9000 degree courses offered at bachelor masters and PhD well. Brisbane residents are an active and love to enjoy their beautiful river, whether they’re jogging along site or sailing away from the thriving urban heart of Brisbane, you’ll find relaxed suburbs and beautiful landscapes.


Perth is Australia’s most isolated cities of its size. It is an easygoing, but cosmopolitan city on Australia’s west coast with gorgeous city parks, a booming economy and warm weather all year round. Life and is sweet. The job outlook is particularly good in the mining industries, tourism, healthcare and technology in student life is more concentrated around campus activities. Since universities are placed at a significant distance from the city center. As far as affordability to Perth is cheaper for students in Sydney. Darwin and Melbourne.


Adelaide is growing in popularity thanks to its friendly country feels pleasant climate, spectacular scenery, and affordable real estate, job opportunities are good with Adelaide recruiting a minimum of 5000 skilled migrants a year, especially in the fields of healthcare, education, and manufacturing for students. I literally has the added bonus of being the third cheapest university city in Australia, Adelaide is one of Australia’s greatest places to study abroad. If you want to combine outstanding study opportunities with plenty of sporting activities like hiking, trekking and climbing a laid back lifestyle, mild weather, and a will cost of living. Make it a great place to live.


Sydney is certainly not the cheapest place to live in Australia, but it’s an exciting city. That certainly never sleeps with its enviable listening beaches and endless list of job opportunities across a gamut of industries. Sydney is where you can make your mark on more than 50,000 international students come to Sydney, each year, and among their Top Reasons are the high quality of life. And the fact that Sydney always has high scores in terms of employability. And when you need an urban escape and adventures await from walking in the Blue Mountains to sipping wine in the Hunter Valley, or chilling out on the northern beaches. There’s something for every one.