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The Biggest Dogs In The World

They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors, and their humans best friends over centuries, various dog breeds across the globe have been trained by humans to play important roles from Hunter to Guardian from herder to companion, or some of these breeds size has been of significant importance, Let’s not generalize, because there are some that are surprisingly huge as big as their hard top 10 biggest dogs in the world.

1. Zeus Dog

This huge Great Dane had measures 3. 64 feet standing on four legs, and seven point 22 feet on his hind legs. It’s huge size made its name to be embodied in the 2012 Guinness Book of World Records as the largest dog in the world. He was always looking energized and variously despite maintaining an excellent weight of 154.3 pounds, but we must emphasize that this is one of the primordial characteristics of the Great Dane, because Zeus, always had a voracious and insatiable appetite. Oh well glutton. Unfortunately, he died two months before he turned six years naturally.

2. George,The Giant Dog

Although his photos looked photo shopped with him looking so huge, his large size made George to be recognized by the Guinness World Records 2010 As the largest dog on the planet with a height of more than three point 58 feet, and a weight of 244.7 pounds when George gets up on his hind legs. He was seven point 25 feet high, but instead of being a defiant and infinite dog, This big guy passed away in 2013 and left an empty spot for sure.

3. Zorba Dog

We have one of the greatest of canine legends. The majestic Zorba in English massive so huge that he won several places in the Guinness Book of Records. He was crowned the world’s heaviest dog at 343 Point 92 pounds. And to top it off, he also took the title as the longest dog in the world, measuring 8.2 feet from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail. Of course, although he was not considered the tallest dog because he was only three feet. Thanks to his other achievements, he became the largest dog in all of England. His place of origin.

4. Freddy Dog

We will also find a beautiful Great Dane, Freddie, who is 3.4 feet tall, and 7. 55 feet long if he stands with the help of his hind legs, much larger than a grizzly bear. Freddie to continue to maintain his 198.4 pound weight.

5. Major Dog

One of the most cocky dogs of our top is major, a dude of measuring 4.1 feet in height, and more than 7 feet long by always sleeping comfortably in a bed specially adapted for Him a king size mattress.

6. Gibson Dog

We have biggest Dalmatian named Gibson, who was actually a Great Dane who was considered at the time as the largest dog in the world, and was part of the Guinness Book of Records in 2004. Its height was 3.5 feet from its legs to the shoulders, and more than six point 56 feet

7. Boomer Dog

At only three years old, Boomer has the great honor of being in seventh place of our top by measuring more than 3.3 feet tall and six point 56 feet long from the tip of his wet nose to the tip of his restless tail.

8. Hulk Dog

Hulk is an imposing American pitbull that jumped to fame, not because of its aggressiveness, but because of its size, and more than 176.4 pounds. It weighs three times more than any other Pitbull, and is more than 5.3 feet long from the tip of its nose to the tip of its energetic tail.

9. The Hairy Hong Dong Dog

We have the reincarnation of a teddy bear our furry friend Hong Dong, a beautiful Tibetan Mastiff who was over 3.3 feet tall, and weighs 178.6 pounds. In addition to its large size. This boy is worth his weight in gold. Literally, because it is not only one of the largest and heaviest dogs, but also the most expensive in the world.

10 . Lizzie Dog

We start our canine top with a huge long legged baby. The slender Lizzy, who is the current winner of the 2017 Guinness World Record title by crowning herself as the world’s biggest dog. She’s incredibly big, but do not be afraid, this huge, large white Dennis with black spots can be an impressive 3.16 feet tall, but it’s tender loves children. And above all, loves to walk a lot in parks to get petted, of course, she gets a bit playful she is able to stand on two legs and measure up to almost six point 56 feet.

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