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Things You Need to know About Labrador Retriever

Retriever. This dog is ranked as the most popular breed by the American English Canadian, Australian and New Zealand Kennel Club. These dogs are happy, easygoing and extremely friendly.

The breed is actually from Newfoundland, not Labrador in Canada were originally bred as retrievers, in the cold Labrador Sea is medium sized and high energy, 55 to 80 pounds and on average, and it’s between 10 and 12.

Labradors are recognized by the kennel club and are classified as a member sporting group. There’s a reason Labrador Retriever is so popular, they usually like absolutely everybody, whether that’s kids, dogs, cats strangers, you name it, and the level of detail in their direction.

These extremely versatile dogs, calm in the house yet can be silly and playful fun in the garden book can be extremely no nonsense while they’re out in the field working, making them not only ideal working dogs but great family dogs as well, Labrador Retrievers want nothing more than to bring back whenever you’re free for them as long as you’re very active breed, lots of activity to keep them happy and healthy.

They are avid swimmers, so always keep the towel close at hand. But swimming is a great way for them to drain their energy.

These dogs want nothing more than to make you happy, which makes them a dream to train their enthusiasm makes them likely to pull when not the lead, good consistent training these habits easy to break. and it is something you will want to break, they are strong, athletic dogs that can easily also win over Labrador Retrievers respond well to food and you guessed it retrieving rewards.

So combine that with that eagerness to please and that good intelligence, and this makes them one of the easiest breeds to train Labrador Retrievers have short, water resistant bubble cones, they have somewhat heavy seasonal shadows. Well Labradors don’t get much in the way of professional grooming.

So as long as you plan to give them a bath when needed and a good brushing once a week, you should be fine. The main health concern Labrador Retrievers has hip dysplasia, so make sure you get your dog from a reliable breeder that’s had to get jacked. So to summarise Labrador Retrievers energy levels are high, they need a good 45 minutes exercise at least every day.

They’re extremely playful, and will play all day, every day, if you want them to. They get very attached to people will like to be on your side as much as possible. They love being part of the pack and good socialization get on very well. The dogs, they usually happily will get off of smaller pets will make sure you there to supervise.

They’re friendly towards strangers, eager to please, which makes them great to train. They make good Watch Dogs they always know what’s going on, however, you’re more likely to welcome an intruder in your home with the kids rather than try and scare them away to make them ideal guard dogs.

They are easy to just a weekly brush in a bath when needed. They are great dogs in the cold weather, and can handle hotter environments provided you take proper precautions.