Top 10 Interesting Facts About The Chow Chow

Chow Chow is a breed that originated in northern China. They’re independent and dignified dogs that some describe as cat like these dogs usually attach themselves to one person but they have affection for the whole family.

Our List Of Top Interesting Facts About Chow Cow

1. Chow Chow History

The chow chow is a basil breed that predates the emergence of modern breeds in the 19th century. They’re believed to have originated in Mongolia and northern China some 2000 years ago, or they might have descended from ancient Tibetan mastiffs. Early depictions of the read appeared in pottery and paintings from Han Dynasty and have been believed to be used for hunting birds and guarding their owners possessions. Their fur was used to trim codes and their flesh was considered a delicacy nowhere important to England and mass around 19th century and their popularity boosted because Queen Victoria had taken an interest in the breed the AkC recognize the breed in 1903, with the N howl being the first Chow registered.

2. The Story Behind Their Name

In their early days Chow Chow went by several names in China. Some of them include black tongue, dog, Wolf, dog, Bear, dog and cat and dogs. In the late 18th century, British merchants included some of these dogs in their cargo back in the day miscellaneous items were referred to as chow chow. That’s where the dogs got their name from, and it has stuck ever since.

3. They Are Not Lovey Dovey Dogs

Chow Independent and dignified canine companions. Despite their teddy bear like appearance. They’re no lap dogs and they don’t like being fussed over. If you’re looking for a dog that loves cuddles. Chow is not the best choice for you. You won’t get a consistent stream of affection from your Chow Chow. They cuddle only when they feel like it not necessarily when you want to. However, your Chow will sit on your feet and this is their way of showing that they care for you.

4. They Are Wary Of Strangers

Chow Chow is love their family and they’re incredibly loyal. However, strangers are of no interest at the Chow Chow unless they’re approaching their home. These dogs are highly territorial and uninvited guests are sure to be greeted with a deep ground they’re extremely distrustful of people that are not familiar with and they might get aggressive too. They will however, let strangers touch them if introduced by their owners.

5. They Have A Catlike Nature

Chow is an aloof, independent, intelligent and stubborn personality which owners often compared to felines these dogs are also meticulous and extremely keen canines. chows carry themselves with dignity and they know that they’re special. They’re reserved to our strangers and they act more like cats and canines.

6. Their Unique Appearance

Almost rare among mammals. The chow tongue has a distinctive dark blue black colored which no other breed except the sharpei has. This is one of their describing features and any other tongue color is this qualified under the read standard. They also have very straight hind legs resulting in a rather stiff, choppy or stilted gait. They’re not speedy, so we don’t recommend running with them, but they have high endurance and they make excellent work buddies.

7. Training Them Can Be Difficult

Intelligent dogs are easily easier to train but that is not the case with a Chow Chow. Chow are known for being smart but hard to train. They don’t have the desire to please their owners and their stubborn nature does not make this any easier. They do respond well to clicker training and positive reinforcement techniques though, remember to be patient and stay willing to try different methods for the best results.

8. You’ll Have To Assert Dominance

Chow are only easy to work with when they are pups. So to train and socialize them appropriately during this period. You must make them understand early on in their life, that you’re the alpha This is because Chow are known to test their owners during adolescence. Because of their strong independent nature. They need strong willed owners who can stay dominant and are not the best choice for first time owners.

9. Their Health Issues

Like all breeds Chow Chow, some health problems to canine hip dysplasia common condition seen in the spread and it’s the thigh bone is not fed into the hip joint. Another condition is entropion which causes the eyelid to roll inward irritating or injuring the eyeball Chow are also at high risk of autoimmune diseases and are predisposed to skin melanoma a type of skin cancer a regular visit to the event is shared. To help keep your Chow Chow healthy.

10. Their Grooming

The smooth coat chow chow has a hard dense and smooth outer coat with no visible rough or feathering brush them about three to times a week to remove that hair and to keep the code healthy. They’re heavy seasonal shatters and they You need extra attention at that time. Your Chow at least monthly or more If they play outside, get them used to being handled early on and the rest is just basic care.