Widely regarded as man’s best friend dogs make loyal companions invaluable service animals and lifelong family members, ranging in many shapes, sizes and colors. There’s a dog there for almost everybody, however it’s no secret that larger dog breeds are among the most popular option when it comes to behavior, intelligence and of course playfulness. Today we’re going to look at the 10 largest dog breeds found in households across the world.

1.English Mastiff Dog

The English Mastiff to the average height and weight for males roughly 230 pounds, females 170 pounds, dominating the rankings as the head is dog on the list, as well as one of the tallest standing roughly 36 inches the English Mastiff is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world.

They counsel the ancestor molasses, which is known to have existed over 5000 years ago, though they were used originally as war dogs in ancient times. Today they take on a more familiar role thanks to their good nature attitude, and match loyalty and boundless courage in 1989, an English massive absorber to the crowd in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the largest dog in the world, weighing over 313 pounds, and reaching a height of 37 inches.

2. Great Dane Dog

The Great Dane, the average height and weight for males 200pounds for females roughly 130 pounds, if you’re looking for a family member. They are great. This devoted poach can reach heights up to about 32 inches at the shoulder, and is often referred to as the Apollo dogs, great names are very social dogs, so they prefer to spend time with their family as well as other dogs. If you’re someone who enjoys a great outdoors, a great day maybe just a perfect hiking buddy for you.

3. Irish Wolfhound Dog

The Irish Wolfhound average height weight for the Irish Wolfhound male is about 180 pounds for females 140 pounds, there’s no dog breed more poetic than Irish Wolf.

These dogs are historic sign house, hailing from Ireland and have inspired various works of literature and poetry and mythology, due to the exalted presence and towering stature. These dogs love spending time with their family, tracking and competing in dog shows this breed holds number three spot on this list because it is the world’s tallest dog breed with a colossal height average of about 35 inches, if you’re fortunate enough to go home with the Irish wolf howl, you’ll find that they are ideal family companions, including a Tom gentle spirit, unlike no other.

4. Saint Bernard Dog

The Saint Bernard, average height and weight for males is roughly 180 pounds females about 140 pounds,
you probably know this golf in the movie series Beethoven which had about eight films produced and directed by John Hughes and Amy Holden, the Saint Bernard is perhaps one of the most well known and popular breeds, when it comes to large dogs and for good reason, the dog breed got his name from guarding the grounds of Switzerland hospice St Bernard. That was also a royal canine funny and saving loss and into travelers. Today these fluffy jobs enjoy spending their time at home with their families and show extreme affection toward just about anyone like the day politician masks that they are big time Jewish though also versatile and remarkably obedient dogs.

5. Tibetan Mastiff Dog

The Tibetan Mastiff average height and weight for this breed is roughly 160 pounds for males budgeted 120 pounds for females. It’s a Tibetan Mastiff still widely known as a primitive dog that was first used to garden livestock and property in the cold region of Tibet, while Tibetan Mastiff can still be found guarding the family’s livestock.

They can also be found living the life of a show dog. These dogs are giant Southies when it comes to their families, but must earn the trust of any stranger, as they still retain their primitive Guardian nature.

6. Bully Kutta Dog

The Bully Kutta average height, and weight for males is about 170 pounds. Females actually have 150 pounds, weighing in from the erstwhile pool job reason the Bully Kutta intensive size can be attributed to bone and muscular build because it’s no surprise that while these dogs may average roughly 170 pounds, that this breed can reach up to weights of over 200 pounds, the Bully Kutta cut off in depth at least from the ease, doesn’t the local Indian massive storing the British colonial rule in India, and we’re primarily used for sporting purposes, you’ll find this dog and joining us family company primarily in places like Pakistan and India.

7. Leonberger Dog

The Leonberger, average height, weight for males 170 pounds. Females roughly 130 pounds.

Heading down this list we have a brain that is a mix between a St Bernard, the great kidneys, and our very own and number 10 The new filet, the Leonberger is a massive came out with both unchain heart and hard working spirit and fun fact, the Leonberger comes from the city of Hamburg, Germany, and almost winning something during World War One.

These dogs require a great amount of exercise attention and understand that we space that you have the space, love and stamina to keep up with this playful Goliath, you’ll find that this line like dog makes a noble companion, and even better watchdog.

8. Neapolitan Mastiff Dog

The Neapolitan Mastiff average height and weight for this breed is about 150 pounds for males and about 130 pounds for females, we look at the apart to Neapolitan Mastiff and you can probably see that these dogs were used to scare off intruders, its massive size pay with this more demanding features like as little skin and doula, make it one of the most intimidating launch breeds aware. This dog’s muscular build SP can be traced back to the Middle East and Asia, where its ancestors will use Xactware dogs Neapolitan mastiffs are highly affectionate, making them the literal definition of a gentle giant.

9. Bullmastiff Dod

Bullmastiff average tie in weight is about 130 pounds for males, females around 120 pounds.

These Bullmastiff dogs were once owned by gatekeepers, a fancy way of saying professional hunters. During the 19th century to guard estates, the breed was created by crossing an Englishmastiff old English bulldog. These dogs are learned in devoted making the great guard dogs and a nightmare for any home invader, aside from being great robber repellents. These dogs that nature and do great with children, this brain craves human leadership, well Bullmastiff puppies can grow to a height of anywhere between 12 or 14 inches tall and could weigh up to 36 pounds.

10. New Foundland Dog

Newfoundland average height and weight for males is about 150 pounds and females is roughly 120 pounds.

The NewFoundland and also referred to as Newfies as well known for its massive size and even bigger personality, this breeds makes a powerful working dog, And were originally ordered rescue dogs rescuing many individuals from the cold and African waters at the North Atlantic.

Let’s take a little more time to reach their full size when compared to other breeds, reaching their mature weight and height at about two years old, you can expect a 6 month old in Newfoundland to reach the height of about 22 to 24 inches tall, and the weight of about 73 to 87 pounds to bring them into some perspective, the average weight. One of the most common small dog breeds is a two Chihuahua and that breed only weighs about 6.6 pounds.