Top 5 email service providers of the world

What is an email service provider (ESP)?

Email service providers allude to both the stage you use to make and send off an email campaign and the administrations the organization gives to help a client effectively send an undertaking email marketing campaign.

Email service providers are innovative organizations that simplify individuals to construct email lists and send messages. Email advertising is a more famous promoting channel than other mediums, which is why more ESPs have jumped up to offer segregated types of assistance.

A few ESPs simply provide essential functions like storing email addresses and sending messages. Assuming you move towards further developed ESPs, you would have the choice to add active substance in your messages; it would incorporate email and advertising computerization, lead catch structures, site following, and so forth. 

When we talk about email service providers, we’re talking about Gmail, Yahoo Outlook, etc.

Types of email accounts

While working with email accounts and ESP’s, you will come across three main email accounts. These are:

  • Post Office Protocol (POP)
  • IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) 
  • Microsoft Exchange 

Post office protocol 

POP is the most chronic kind of email and was assembled for email clients like Outlook to interface with email administrations to download and send messages. There are different kinds of POPs that have been presented; however, the most utilized one is POP3.

POP works by downloading email data to the principal client that interfaces with it. That infers assuming you download an email from your PC, a fundamental spot for the messages. If you try opening it on different devices, it will not appear.

POP is easy to set up, but no message or data is syncing. Moreover, when the email is downloaded on one gadget, it vanishes from the server.

Internet messaging access protocol 

IMAP is a fresher sort of email; unlike POP, the email can be downloaded on various gadgets. If you read messages on a device, it will appear on different gadgets, and you can access the email.

IMAP is incredible at synchronizing, but it utilizes more processing power. It also supports several gadgets and is simple to use. Remember one thing, synchronizing issues can emerge, and all email service providers do not uphold them.

Microsoft exchange

Microsoft Exchange is the most remarkable of the three and is the best for modern organizations. This type grants clients to coordinate messages, contacts, schedules, and many more elements. Microsoft Exchange is incredibly easy to use, effectively accessible, and similarly can be set up locally on servers.

Microsoft Exchange accompanies full email adjusting, and the messages can be stored on servers. Be that as it may, synchronizing issues can arise but very rarely. 

5 email service providers of the world


A creation by the MIT scientists and CERN, is an open-source and secure email service, it has the privilege to read your mails, but maintains complete privacy. However, no personal information is required to create an email account here.

Zoho Mail

The most secure and added free email hosting service that offers protection against fake emails, a very reliable email service providers. It allows you to easily connect with the other Zoho apps that ensures your email privacy, it also has features to add extra protective layers to your data.


A browser based email service provider. It come in-built with Exchange Server, Exchange Online, and Office 365. You can be connected and productive all at the same time. It backed up by Microsoft’s Enterprise security, which means that your emails are fully secured.


Gmail is a free email account service managed by Google. It offers third party integration programs that allows you to access Gmail, which will synchronize your details via IMAP or POP. The most used and free email service that you can access once you have a Google account.

Yahoo! Mail

The Yahoo! Mail is the provider by the American parent company Yahoo! It has free email account with massive storage, i.e., 1 TB. Integrate with Facebook, POP and IMAP and also allows you to send text messages.