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Victoria Laurie Bio, Age, Net Worth, Wiki, Husband and Height

Victoria Laurie Wiki-Bio

Born in 1966, in Michigan, United States, Victoria Laurie grew up traveling in different states with her father who was in an international auto sales. She attended college in the early ’80s in Michigan and started working in the real world afterward.

Laurie moved from Michigan to Florida where she grew her clientele before moving back to Michigan. After growing her clientele she then shifted to Boston and finally the place she loved Austin, Texas. She didn’t always live an easy famous life as she dealt with the controversies regarding criticism for her book.

Facts of Victoria Laurie

Victoria Laurie is a brilliant author, and she has already got a bestselling author.
She is also a fantastic professional psychic. Her books are a must-read, and her awards and accolades do all the talking for her. She is employed by the mighty The Australian, and she is critical to them. 

Victoria Laurie Personal Life; Is She Married?

Author Victoria Laurie is a married woman. She tied the knot to her longtime boyfriend, Dutch but she prefers to keep her marriage details to herself. But looking at the brief information she gave to the media, it’s safe to say that she’s happily married.

Laurie is great at keeping her relationship private as she never mentioned about how it all started or any wedding date. Nonetheless, her long quote suggests how beautiful her love life is. She wrote,

“I immersed myself in my relationship with my husband, in little ways at first. Dutch would come home from his morning workout and I’d bring him coffee as he stepped out of the shower. He’d slip into a crisp white shirt and dark slacks and run a little goop through his hair, and I’d eye him in the mirror with desire and a sultry smile that he couldn’t miss.”

She further added how she would do everything to keep her love life stable. Also, having a loving and caring husband delights her and she wouldn’t let anything get in their relationship.

What Is The Net Worth Of Victoria Laurie?

A professional psychic can easily make a salary of around 100.84 dollars per hour. 

She is an author, and the author enjoys a certain percentage from book sales. The author can charge 1.25 dollars per book in royalties.

Some sources also explain that 10 percent of the net profit from each book sold. The book is sold 25 dollars per copy, and if 4,000 copies are sold, 5,000 dollars is paid in advance to the author.

Her net worth is undoubtedly more than 500,000 dollars looking at her income sources. 

She authored a book called When, and it was based on the genre mystery, young adult fiction. 

A small part of the book content tells about the book.

Other books to her name are The Night We Said Yes, Better Read Than Dead, Killer Insight, and Death Perception.

She released a book called Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye, back in the year 2004. The book had fantastic content, and here is a small portion of the book.

In Royal Oak, a superb of Detroit….

Her book A Vision of Murder, Deadly Forecast, and Doom With a View are considered very fun reading. 


Victoria Laurie was born in the year 1966, and this makes her age 53 in 2019. Her bio is very inspiring, and the author also read her biography to get inspired from. She is very encouraging, and she is the perfect ambassador for women empowerment. She started her career back in the year 2003, and it has been all glory for her.Her website has a lot of information about her.Involvement in Twitter. She used Twitter a lot to tweet about her life and books. She has recently retweeted a post from The Hill, and it was captioned as