Ways to Make Your Cat Happy

They all want our adored pets to be content. However, this can be more difficult than it appears. It’s not always easy to read our cat’s emotions. It’s often even more difficult to figure out what makes people happy and what doesn’t.

Things that make our kitties happy are frequently the most basic. Let’s look at some of the things we can do to keep our kitties pleased and happy.

1. Exercise

Our cats were good for hunting and roam for long periods of time every day. They don’t have to do this at home too often. They are fed and have a small bit of space to move about in. This usually indicates they spend more time lounging around than they should. This can lead to a build-up of pent-up energy, resulting in misbehavior and a frustrated cat.

Keeping your pet amused and active is one of the simplest ways to make them happy. There are numerous toys available to encourage your cat to move around. Many of them may be played on their own, but others require human interaction. You can spend additional energy on a few battery-powered toys that respond to your cat’s touch.

2. Mental Stimulation Counts Too

We all know how important it is for our kitties to get some exercise. Their minds, on the other hand, must be broadened. This can be difficult to achieve when our cats are constantly exposed to the same things. This is when puzzle toys come in handy. These games usually include your feline hiding food inside a riddle that he or she must then figure out how to solve.

Freezing teats or tasty liquids into ice cubes is another simple “puzzle” toy. These will keep your cat occupied for quite some time as they try to figure out what’s inside. Place these puzzle toys throughout the house for your cat to discover. They’ll have to hunt for the problem and then figure out how to solve it. It will keep your cat occupied for several hours.

3. Consider a Companion

While cats are usually solitary animals, some prefer to have a companion. If you have the financial means, you might want to consider getting a second cat as a friend. There are a lot of cats in shelters waiting to be adopted.

Of course, not all cats are alike. If you want your cats to get along, you’ll need to properly introduce them. Don’t expect your cats to get along just because you put them together. They must be introduced to each other gradually and carefully.


Catnip is a favorite of most cats. It emits odors that are inherently appealing to most cats. It is not only safe for cats, but it is also enjoyable for them. Catnip affects not all cats equally, and some are more susceptible than others. Catnip is a fantastic item to have in your toolbox if you want to keep your cat busy and happy.

Dry catnip is available, as well as toys that have been stuffed with catnip. There’s also a spray version that sprays the aroma onto toys and cat beds. You might even strew catnip throughout the house to add a layer of cerebral stimulation to the situation. Catnip can even be grown in pots on a windowsill. They’re easy to look after and maintain.

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5. Climbing

Cats are also natural climbers. Climbing is something that all cats are born to do, and many of them like it. When they’re up high, most cats feel more at ease. Cat climbing trees are available for purchase that are specifically designed for your feline to climb on. You can also use platforms that you can place throughout your home. These can entice your cat to go on adventures.

It can be helpful to change up how the climbing structures are set up to keep things interesting in your cat’s house.

6. Leash-Train Your Feline

You can teach your cat to walk on a leash to make outdoor activities safer. Despite their differences from dogs, many cats may be easily trained to walk on a leash. When they understand the fun they may have while walking on a leash, many felines will fall in love with it. Start with your cat wearing the harness indoors, then transfer them outside once they’ve gotten the hang of it. Following that, the cat should walk on a leash like a dog, but with a lot less pulling.

It’s really simple to stroll your cat about your neighborhood after they’ve gotten the hang of it.

7. Build a Catio

A catio is a good option if you want your cat to have some outdoor freedom. It’s not safe to merely let your cat run around outside, either for your cat or for the local wildlife. A catio, on the other hand, is a safe location for your cat to get some fresh air. For your cat, it’s akin to a cat playpen or a fenced-in backyard. The only difference is that because your cat can climb, you’ll need a roof as well.

You can buy ready-made catios or use a blueprint to create your own. You can either hire a contractor or do it yourself. In any case, this is a fantastic method to keep your cat’s life exciting.

8. Spay or Neuter Your Feline

Hormonal fluctuations will occur in cats who have not been fixed. Many of these hormonal changes make our cats frustrated and irritable, just like people. Unless you intend to breed your kitty, it’s usually advisable to fix them. Because your cat will not be actively enticing other cats, it will be easier for them to enjoy time on a leash and in their catio.

This is important if you have a male and female cat.

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9. Show Your Cat Plenty of Love

Domesticated cats adore being petted. Nothing makes your cat happier than your undivided attention. If your cat enjoys snuggling, offer them plenty of opportunities to do so. Consider playing with your cat instead if your pet is quite active.

You should pay attention to your feline every day at least. This will go a long way to keeping your feline happy.