What Should I Do If My Dog Jumps?

Dogs are popular as pets because of their affectionate and active nature. However, your dog’s enthusiasm for life may sometimes manifest itself in unpleasant behaviors such as jumping. If your dog leaps on people or things out of excitement, training can help them manage it better.

Why Do Dogs Jump?

Dogs use their body language to express their emotions and excitement.

When a dog leaps, it’s usually to show how happy they are to see their humans. Jumping is a regular component of the welcoming routine for dogs.

If your dog notices that jumping up to meet someone brings them attention, whether positive or negative, it may be enough to persuade them to keep doing it. Dogs can be easily trained to repeat a behavior if it results in a reward, as jumping does.

According to studies, receiving positive or negative attention from a human is one of the most effective rewards for most dogs. It’s frequently superior to food or toys.

What to Do About Dogs Jumping on People

Take care to keep people safe if your dog has a habit of jumping on friends and strangers to say hello. Even the friendliest dog can cause people to fall over. Some individuals are terrified of dogs, while others simply do not want to get their clothes dirty.

There are a few things you can do to educate your dog not to jump up to meet people:

  • Hold your dog’s collar whenever someone new comes by.
  • Confine your dog to another room when you have guests over. 
  • Put your dog in their crate to meet new people.
  • Distract your dog with a special treat or a fun toy when new people arrive. 

Training Your Dog to Stop Jumping

It’s a little more difficult to teach a dog to quit jumping than it is to teach them to perform a trick.

When they jump, the first step is to ignore them. Even if the focus is a punishment, paying attention to their negative behavior might reward their actions.

Instead, simply walk away and ignore them. This may be enough to persuade some dogs to come to a halt. Make sure you’re on same path. Everyone in your house should follow suit.

It’s a little more difficult to teach a dog to quit jumping than it is to teach them to perform a trick.

Have rewards on available if you have a family member or friend who can assist with training, and then have your training partner walk into the room with your dog. If your dog jumps, the other person should instantly step away. If your dog, on the other side, keeps all four feet on the floor, reward them with a treat and lots of attention.

This treat encourages your dog to stay on the ground because it is much more rewarding.

What to Do About Dogs Jumping on Furniture

When dogs jump on furniture, they may fall forcefully, scratching the furniture and the people on it.

Because that’s where people spend a lot of time, they like to get on couches and beds. Your dog may simply want to spend some time with you.

Another reason dogs enjoy furniture is that it is pleasant for them. If your dog prefers to nap on your sofa, consider getting them their own soft, warm bed to place next to it. This provides them with a separate location that is exclusively for them.

Give them a treat if they use the dog bed instead of the couch.

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