Who is Anna Kendrick Boyfriend? Everything You Should Know About Dating Life

Let’s have quick wiki look at Anna Kendrick, When you are interested in getting to know someone you definitely search about them right?. On Biography Vibe we give you an in depth of her details, about her personal dating life Read below to know all about Anna Kendrick.

Who hasn’t heard of Beca from the Pitch Perfect series? Or Stephanie, the clumsy single mother in A Simple Favor? Yes, Anna Kendrick is a lovely and good actress.

When it comes to her movies and talent, it seems as though there is never enough! To publish Scrappy Little Nobody, she first began acting in major motion pictures such as Into the Woods and End of Watch. Also, don’t forget that she frequently sings on the soundtracks of her films.

Who is Anna Kendrick Boyfriend or Husband?

The interviewer immediately pointed out that Anna was wearing a diamond ring on her finger after she stated that. Is this to suggest that Anna is already married?!

The answer is a resounding no. Anna, on the other hand, opted for a lovely diamond ring for her birthday. We admire a queen who values herself and does not wait for others to provide her with what she desires!

She’s not married, but she’s also not single. Anna Kendrick is currently in a relationship to Ben Richardson, a cinematographer. Of course, she makes every effort to keep it hidden, but there is some exciting information about them.

Ben Richardson and Anna Kendrick Relationship

Ben Richardson is a British cinematographer who has worked on films like Drinking Buddies and the television series Yellowstone. In 2012, he also won the Sundance Film Festival. He also managed to capture Anna Kendrick’s heart.

Some of us may have heard of Ben Richardson because he’s a huge name in Hollywood. He’s regarded as one of the top cinematographers in the business.

Since 2014, Ben and Anna had been together. They met on the set of Drinking Buddies a year before they began dating, and their chemistry has remained strong even after seven years together.

However, Drinking Buddies isn’t their only collaboration. Ben (not sure whether this is a coincidence) was the cinematographer for Happy Christmas in 2014, where the two met again.

Anna and Ben reunited three years later in the romantic comedy Table 19. As a result, they are compatible not just as a pair but also as a team. And the majority of their films are hits, showing their skill at what they do.

They developed their own rituals to keep their romance going (how thrilling!). They had been drinking pals since the day they met, just like the title of their movies suggested. In her interview, Anna stated that they had met at the same pub on several occasions. Also, it was the same bar where they had their first date!

They stuck to their practice of going to the same tavern to reminisce about their special days. What’s not to love about this couple?!

Anna also says that the key to keeping her relationship healthy is to avoid oversharing on social media. Instead, she prefers to savor the worth of her time with Ben in secret.

In their interviews, neither Anna nor Ben wants to bring up their personal lives. Anna Kendrick is known for being chatty and outgoing in interviews, but she’s done an excellent job of keeping what matters to her private.

Isn’t it true that we hardly ever hear a rumor or unfavorable talk about them? It demonstrates their stability and maturity as a partnership. So, it’s been seven years since there’s been any controversy? That’s incredible, especially considering they’re Hollywood A-listers.

Even as secretive as they attempted to be, the paparazzi were able to catch them together on occasion. One of those times was last year, when Ben and Anna went on a romantic movie date in Los Angeles. While leaving the theater, the two appear to hold hands.

Anna and Ben haven’t shown any signs of getting married, let alone having children, despite the fact that they’ve been together for seven years. Instead, the two are content with their lives as they are and concentrate on their work.

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