Who is Henry Eikenberry? Everything to know Euphoria’s season 2

Henry Eikenberry has been cast as Derek, Cal’s old best friend, in the third episode of Euphoria season 2. Their story is one of the most discussed on television these days, so viewers are looking forward to getting to know more about him.

The show to watch right now is HBO’s Euphoria, which may still be streaming on their website. It’s trending on social media, whether it’s fashion, beauty, or the unexpected storyline. The short-lived romance between Nate’s father, Cal, and his childhood buddy Derek was the newest aspect of the series to go viral.
The fate of the newbie actor is still unknown, however fans are already demanding for a spin-off.

Euphoria season 2 episode 3 summary

In the season 2 premiere, fans were given a glimpse into Fez’s history, and it was Cal’s turn this time. Perhaps his following will improve as viewers learn more about how he became such a strict parent.

The episode starts with a young Cal on his usual route to school, where he drops off Derek. As Rue explains it, “he spent his days with his closest friend Derek.” They’re both on the wrestling team and are so close that they bathe facing one another in the locker room.

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Despite the fact that they’re not in love, Cal and Derek’s relationship is nothing unusual. Until we see Cal checking out Derek’s junk for a longer period of time than normal – twice, their friendship is uneventful. Cal eventually starts dating his future wife Marsha and the pair quickly get intimate whenever possible.

The friends decide to get together one last time for graduation, with Cal unaware that they’re going to a gay bar. They start dancing to their favorite album Kicks by INXS after a few drinks. Before we know it, the kids kiss on the lips. They pause kissing for a moment before resuming.

Eikenberry is a 23-year-old right-back who plays for the German club FC Schalke 04. His friends and family call him Hank, as stated in his Instagram bio: “If we’re good, you can call me Hank.” Tristan is his brother, and Hayden and Piper are his sisters.

In Brooklyn, New York, he went to Brooklyn Friends School and graduated in 2017. Since he’s a newbie in the film industry, it’s probable that Euphoria is his first acting job; however, he hasn’t advertised any other works on social media.

Don’t be concerned, because we’ll undoubtedly see more of him as a result of this magnificent response. Furthermore, his stunning looks and resemblance to Brad Pitt have already won him admirers.

Did we mention that he’s also an animal lover? Panchoo’s name is Panchoo, and he has a cute pet dog named Panchoo to go with it.

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