Who Is Iliza Shlesinger’s Husband? Everything You Need To Know

With her Netflix comedy specials and sketch comedy show, The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show, comedian and actress Iliza Shlesinger has made audiences laugh. She now has a new source of amusement: her spouse, Noah Galuten. Noah is a restauranteur and author whom she married in 2018, however it appears that their family will grow by one in the coming months.

Noah Shlesinger tried to propose to Iliza Shlesinger in a romantic way, but things didn’t go as planned.

Iliza spoke to Brides after her wedding in 2018 about her husband’s lovely proposal — and how she almost messed it up. “I remember starting to unbutton my jeans as soon as I walked in the door because I had to urinate,” Iliza stated.

“Before I went off to the bathroom, I noticed our living room was full of flowers and candles, and Noah stopped me before I left the room, saying he had something he wanted to accomplish. I began to cry and turned away, yelling that it couldn’t happen because my fly was down!” She assured the Brides journalist that she was able to turn around and see Noah propose.

Jeremy Fox, Noah’s friend and co-author of the books On Vegetables, prepared the food for their wedding. While Iliza is well-known for her acting abilities, her husband Noah is the host of Don’t Panic Pantry, a Facebook Watch series on quarantine cooking. His Instagram feed is full with mouthwatering foods and recipes that would make anyone say “yes!” to a proposal.

Is Iliza Shlesinger pregnant?

Iliza announced her pregnancy to the crowd during one of her comedy gigs on Aug. 13, 2021, and claimed her “huge project” will be due in January 2022. She told People that the couple is expecting a daughter.

Iliza uploaded three mirror selfies with her husband on Instagram on Aug. 21, 2021; in one of them, she’s leaned to the side, and her baby bulge is apparent. The caption, which consists of a single heart emoji, is sufficient to convey the excitement of the shortly parents. Congratulations, heart emoticons, and other expressions of joy flooded the comments section.

Iliza recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with RuPaul as a guest host, and she proudly chronicled the event with another gorgeous Instagram snap.

Iliza’s makeup artist, hair stylist, and outfits stylist are all tagged in the Aug. 25, 2021 post, which also includes a baby emoji and mentions her spouse. It’s evident that the soon-to-be parents are happy, and we’re confident that they’ll keep fans updated on the portions of their family adventure that they’re prepared to share. Best wishes to the happy couple.