Who Is Sarah Sak Husband: Anthony Walgate Mother, Age and biography

Sarah Sak is married to Sami Sak. Let’s look at Anthony Walgate’s murder and the latest updates in his case. Anthony Walgate was Stephen Port’s victim. Her son was the first known fatality of the incident.

She has made numerous headlines for her efforts to right the wrongs done to her late son. In June 2014, Anthony, her son, was discovered dead outside Port in Barking.

To augment his income, her son used to live away from home and worked as an escort on the Sleepyboys website. On the day of the murder, Port promised Sarah’s son £800.

Who Is Sarah Sak Husband: Anthony Walgate Mum

Sami Sak is the name of Sarah’s spouse. She was previously married to Tom Walgate, Anthony’s father.

At the time of his death, she was married to Sami Sak and had divorced Anthony’s father, Tom.

Sarah has been working hard to provide justice for her deceased child, while Sami has dedicated himself entirely to this cause.

Despite her best efforts to obtain accountability for her murdered son, Sarah’s request for a second inquiry was denied.

To prevent other parents from going through the same trauma, she is now employed full-time as a Facilities manager.

Sarah Sak Age: How Younger Is She?

Sarah Sak’s current age is 55, although her real birth date and birthplace have yet to be revealed. Sarah Sak hasn’t been added to the main Wikipedia site, either.

Her life narrative may be found in major news organizations including the BBC and The Guardian, to mention a few.

Sarah is a Facilities Manager at the British grocery store ASDA where she formerly worked. She spent time at another major food retailer in the United Kingdom, ASDA.

Her book, A Life Stolen: The Tragic True Story of My Son’s Murder, will be published in February 2022.

Sarah Sak Husband

The family of Sivi Samin’i and her husband, Sami Sak, consists of two individuals. She resides with her husband, Sami Sak, in Hull, United Kingdom.

It is located in the East Riding of Yorkshire and is known as York City Centre. The pair has been married for approximately 8 years, implying they have a strong relationship since they have been spotted together at numerous locations.

Sarah Sak Net Worth

Monetarily, she has an estimated net worth of $1 million. However, her true net worth is unknown on social media.

Her monthly salary is expected to be between $80K and $85k USD.

She makes money from several side businesses in addition to her regular income.

Anthony Walgate Case Update

Stephen Port murdered four individuals, including Aaron Kearney, who was a fourth-year University of York student and aspiring fashion designer.

He was pursuing an education to be a well-known fashion designer. To make ends meet while living away from his family in Hull, he occasionally worked as an escort on a site called Sleepyboys.

In April 2013, Stephen Port phoned Anthony there and offered him £800 for an overnight job.

On June 19, 2014, Anthony was discovered dead outside Port’s flat in Barking, London, having been given a fatal dose of GHB.

Stephen Port was charged with the deaths of four people; the first to pass away was Anthony.

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