Who is Toosii girlfriend? Meet rapper’s lover Samaria J Davis

Toosii, whose true name is Nau’Jour Lazier Grainger, is recognized for his music as well as his unconditional love and support for his partner.

The rapper, who is dating Samaria J Davis, recently responded to critics on Twitter by declaring he would pick his girlfriend before his profession. So, who is Samaria and what is her purpose? Here’s what we’ve learned thus far!

Toosii has never been shy about expressing his feelings for Samaria. “Samaria is the only girl I care about and I want her to be my girlfriend,” he tweeted in November 2020.

Although the rapper’s statements about Samaria made her famous, she has decided to stay out of the spotlight in order to concentrate on her own profession.

Samaria is a lash technician with certification. She owns and operates the firm ‘Lashed by Samaria,’ which offers a variety of lash extension techniques at various price points.

As essential as sales are to her, she is equally concerned about the safety of her consumers, particularly during the pandemic.

Samaria website states: “If you are sick, do not book until you are cleared and healthy to avoid the spread of the virus.”

Samaria has kept her personal Instagram to business-related posts, with the exception of a few selfies. She also doesn’t have many photos with her rapper beau on the site.

She does, however, have two distinct accounts. While the one associated with @samariajdavis has over 405,000 followers, @samariaszns has approximately 12,000 followers.

She uses the former to post just personal photos, while the latter contains several postings about her lash extension company.

She shared one of Toosii’s recorded live recordings in July, in which her hand is seen stroking his face, attempting to clean dirt from his nose. “Thanks, girlfriend,” the rapper adds near the end of the video.

Samaria, like her boyfriend, enjoys tweeting about her feelings for him. “I love my boyfriend,” she simply posted on August 19.

Rapper prefers to be with his lover than making music.

Toosii appeared to be irritated by those who questioned his relationship. On August 19, he retaliated with a tweet defending his girlfriend. The now-deleted post was shared on DJ Akademiks’ Instagram account.

“Mfs basically telling me being in a relationship is damaging my career,” the rapper added. “F**k this career, bro. I love my girl, and if the rest of the world doesn’t like it, I’m going to stop creating music.”

It’s unclear why the tweet was removed or who pointed out Samaria for interfering with his musical endeavors. Toosii, on the other hand, is clearly head over heals in love with his girlfriend.