Who is Yinka Bokinni? Biography, boyfriend and parents of Journalist Revealed

Yinka Bokinni, a broadcast and radio journalist, produced The Boy Next Door to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Damilola Taylor’s murder outside a North Peckham estate. Viewers are interested in learning more about Bokinni and her childhood relationship with Damilola now that they are adults.

Yinka Bokinni was born in England to an Irish mother and a Nigerian father, and grew up in a close-knit family of six brothers and sisters. She used to play on the same North Peckham estate as Damilola Taylor when they were kids, and they were in the same social group. “My dad is my biggest fan,” she remarked in an interview with Melanmag.

“My mother was quite responsive to Nigerian culture,” she said during her address, describing her background in a West African family. During a Tedx Talk, she discussed the myth of escaping the ghetto (see below).

Bokinni studied law but decided to pursue a career in broadcast journalism instead, allowing her to combine her passion for music with her work. She started as a volunteer at RinseFM before joining The Breakfast Show in 2015. When she submitted a recording to Capital XTRA in 2016, she was working in a job that she didn’t enjoy. After then, she started working for them as a presenter.

Yinka has a YouTube account where she releases true-crime short videos on a regular basis. She’s also a DJ, vlogger, and blogger who’s been published in Hello! and Fabulous, among other publications. She’s also on YouTube, where she makes short educational videos about real crimes.

Yinka Bokkini’s age and boyfriend revealed

Yinka is a 31-year-old Aquarius. She was born on February 16, 1989, which makes her an Aquarius.

She was paired up on a Tinder date with Sheik, a man, in a Dazed magazine video in 2018. In the three-minute short, Yinka’s bravery and no-holds-barred attitude shine through. They go ten-pin bowling, but there’s no indication that they stayed together after the film.

However, in an interview with Metro a month later, Yinka said of her daily routine: “I check to see if I haven’t overslept and then kiss the boyfriend on the cheek because…morning breath.”

How is Yinka connected to Damilola Taylor?

To remember the loss of her childhood friend, Yinka produced the Channel 4 documentary Damilola’s Murder, which was created by Ashley Francis-Roy and is currently available on Netflix.

The synopsis on Channel 4 states: “Yinka Bokinni was a friend of Damilola Taylor growing up in Peckham. On the 20th anniversary of his death, she confronts the impact of his killing and conflicting thoughts of their childhood community.”

Yinka lived on the same estate as Damilola Taylor and, in the video below, tells Good Morning Britain she knew him for four months before his death. The North Peckham estate was razed and its residents relocated soon after the slaying.

Yinka explains in an interview with The Guardian that she was unable to grieve for her brother with her peers: “We were never seen again. We didn’t speak of Damilola for 20 years.”

Through his honesty and vulnerability, Yinka has captured the nation through his writing about his childhood pal and the person he could have been today.

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