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Who Is Zara Larson Boyfriend? Everything You Should Know About The Single Dating Life

Zara Larsson is a 23-year-old Swedish pop singer best known for the singles “Lush Life,” “Never Forget You,” and “Girls Like.” Zara began her singing career when she was ten years old, auditioning for the second season of ‘Talang,’ the Swedish version of the Got Talent competition. Zara aspired to gain fame after winning the season and a prize of 500,000 kronor through the reality TV show Jag ska bli stjärnaa, which means ‘I shall become a star,’ in which young Swedish talents like herself were supported in obtaining international fame and success. Her then-manager, Laila Bagge, tried unsuccessfully to sign her up with Disney or any of the three major record labels, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, or Sony Music, but to no effect.

The young singer earned a record deal with TEN Music Group in 2012 to create her debut album. However, on December 9th, an unofficially posted static-view extended play of her album ‘Introducing’ was released on Youtube, in which the artist sung the song ‘Uncover’ in a single take. Zara released her debut single, “Uncover,” on January 21st, following the release of her five-song EP in Scandinavia, which reached at number one on the Sverigetopplistan and DigiListan charts and became a huge smash in Norway and Denmark.

The song was certified platinum by Universal Music Sweden after receiving over five million streams, and her other single, ‘Lush Life,’ was released on June 5th, 2015, propelling her to new heights by reaching the top five in 18 different countries and earning her 16 platinum certifications.

Who is Zara Larson boyfriend?

Zara Larsson, now a globally recognized performer, has stayed out of most controversies, but one thing that her fans can’t get enough of is the singer’s love life.

Zara has always been a romantic, according to many reports, and it has become a part of her identity and attractiveness. She allegedly began dating Instagram phenomenon and English model Brian Whittaker in the summer of 2017, when she shared a photo of him on Twitter and asked her followers who he was. The buzz surrounding the tweet was attempted to be subdued by her joking about how she would like her supporters’ eggs prepared in the morning, but no one forgot about it. The two met through mutual acquaintances in a matter of months and quickly became friends, but fans were not shocked.

The couple was together for nearly two years during Zara’s feud with Youtube Influencer James Charles, whom she accused of flirting with her boyfriend on Instagram, claiming that he was bothering him with his frequent DMs despite the fact that Brian was straight. Zara apologized to James through Twitter when the misunderstanding was quickly cleared up, and she and Brian supposedly broke up for personal reasons.

Zara walked the red carpet solo at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards, wearing a white dress with an arrow piercing through it, fueling rumors about their breakup.

Is Zara Larson and Brian Whittaker Break up?

Zara and her ex-boyfriend Brian Whittaker were said to have broken up in August 2019. Zara stated that she was “single right now” in an episode of PEOPLE that aired on August 27th, 2019, when she was promoting her new song “All the Time.” She went on to state that she was OK with being alone and was looking forward to seeing what life has in store for her in the future because she was too preoccupied with her job to be in a relationship. She also stated that a friendship or family relationship, like any other, required ongoing attention and time investment, and that “it takes a lot of energy.”

Zara remained single for a long time after that, until October 2020, when she publicly declared her love for Lamin Holmen, a 28-year-old dancer, in an interview with Daily Mail. Holmen is a well-known dancer who has appeared in various Zara music videos, including Rita Ora and Larrson. Zara’s fans were given another sign of the relationship when she left many comments on Holmen’s Instagram postings in May of that year.

Zara dedicated her latest studio album ‘Poster Girl’ to being in love and added, “It’s really loved-up.” As of March 5th, 2021, the couple is still madly in love with each other, with Zara dedicating her latest studio album ‘Poster Girl’ to being in love and adding, “It’s super loved-up.” I suppose I’m addicted to it. When asked by The Sun, he replied, “It’s the reason we’re all living, and for me, it’s the whole point of our life.” The couple is still dating, but the details of their relationship are kept confidential, so Zara’s admirers can only cross their fingers and hope that the singer has finally found her soul mate.

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