Lee Felix Family: Who Are His Parents? Explore His Childhood

Lee Feli is a well-known K-pop idol. His parents were unsupportive of his ambitions, and he needed to get out. Lee Felix discusses his struggles growing up in a typical Asian home. Lee Yong-Bok, aka ‘Lee Felix,’ is a member of the Korean boy band ‘Stray Kids.’ He is the band’s vocalist, primary dancer, and rapper. Despite being born in Korea, he spent most of his childhood in Australia, where he graduated from high school. He eventually relocated to South Korea to pursue his ambitions of becoming a K-pop star. The 22-year-old’s career started when he appeared in a TV program called ‘Stray Kids,’ which was produced by the well-known organization ‘JYP Entertainment.’

It soon gained popularity, resulting in its first-ever release, ‘Hellevator,’ in 2017. After releasing their first mixtape prior to their formal debut in January 2018, they made their official debut in March of the same year. The band released three additional song sets, several individual songs, and various music videos. Felix and the rest of the group won the New Hallyu Rookie Award at the Soribada Best K-Music Awards in 2018.

Lee Felix’s Parents Didn’t Want Him To Be A K-Pop Star

Lee Felix was raised in a regular Asian family. Despite residing in Australia, Lee Felix’s parents made certain that he remained linked to his Korean heritage. Mr. Lee is a Sydney businessman, and Mrs. Lina is a stay-at-home mother. Lee’s admirers are unaware of them, although certain interviews with Lee Felix indicate that he struggled growing up in a rigid conventional Asian environment.

Mr. Lee, Lee Felix’s father, urged him to practice taekwondo. Felix ultimately learned to practice taekwondo and won numerous honors in the discipline. Lina Lee’s mother, like his father, had high expectations for her son and pushed him to play the piano. This sparked the singer’s passion for music. Lee Felix may not have liked taekwondo as much as he did music, but he couldn’t say no to his father, so he continued to participate in the sport until one day he decided he didn’t want to do it anymore.

He was extremely convincing about returning to Korea after realizing his goal of being a K-pop star. Lee Felix’s parents were pleased that he had returned to his homeland, but they were opposed to his becoming a K-pop star. They were devout Christians who did not want their children to get engaged in anything they detested.

Did Lee Felix Really Hurt His Parents’ Feelings?

Lee speaks candidly about having to deal with familial issues early in his career. In an exclusive interview, Lee Felix said,

I would show them my work and they would never respond. It was difficult to persuade my parents that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

He went on to say that his parents were aware of reports of K-pop stars committing suicide, using drugs, being bullied by fans, and being emotionally mistreated. Lee Felix’s parents envisioned their son as a taekwondo player or musician in a prestigious company. K-pop was not something they expected their child to be engaged in. Lee is open about his choices upsetting his parents’ sentiments, but he also says he felt stifled when he followed his parents’ expectations of being a disciplined Catholic.

Lee Felix

While he was becoming famous, a lot of erroneous information about his sexuality made headlines. People were spreading false rumors about his sexual orientation. Felix’s parents were completely opposed to this, which would jeopardize their connection with their son. Lee’s sister Rachel was outraged to witness her brother’s personal life being wrecked on the internet, so she tweeted: My brother’s sexuality is his decision; whether he is bisexual or not, his music and career as a K-pop star should take precedence.