The Top luxurious hotels in Barcelona

Barcelona, the capital of Spain’s Catalonia region also happens to be the cosmopolitan cultural and architectural capital of Europe. This city generally consists of modern and contemporary expressions of art and architecture, such as the Sagrada Familia church. However, it is also a city with some great archaeological sites wherein you can go back into the annals of time. Barcelona has a number of great boutique luxury hotels from which you can visit different sites in the city below we’ve described the top 10 luxury hotels in Barcelona so that you can plan your travel in an informed manner.

Hotel ask Barcelona

The hotel Arts is a minimalist luxury five star hotel present completely on the beach, facing the sea. This can be great if you’re fond of the ocean, and if you like waking up with the sound emotion waves lapping up against the shore. However, this also means that you’re quite cut off from the main city and its attractions, because the public transport in Barcelona isn’t very widely available, you end up taking a lot of cab rides into town. However, if you don’t intend to go into the town much, you can find plenty of beachside restaurants in and around the vicinity of this luxury hotel is well. As far as the aesthetic sense of the hotel is concerned, it feels old school in its service, however it’s very contemporary and minimalist with its efficient bright and very sleek rooms, the lobby of the hotel is truly stunning with a great floral display and the surrounding gardens are overground level, so it makes the whole hotel feel wonderfully great. There are some rooms from which you can look out into the sea, and then there are those from which you can look out into the city. However, there are also those few special rooms which offer you a view of both.

Motel One Barcelona Ciutadella

Each of motel 171 European hotels adheres to the same philosophy that a budget plus points shouldn’t mean dreary bland shoebox sized spaces in lieu of interesting design. While every bedroom has the same dimensions, so if you’ve stayed in one motel one, you’ll know exactly what you’ll get in another. Each hotel Commission’s are local artists to create site specific murals. Here, the talented young illustrate a lower cost of freight that combines watercolour jungle motifs with black and white sketches of landmarks like the after treatment.

Majestic Hotel and Spa Barcelona GL

This is yet another luxury hotel located in Paseo de Gracia, and thus it’s great for shopping experiences. However, you should be prepared to be met with some truly expensive price tags. While this location, isn’t close to the beach or the old city, it does attract a lot of public transport buses and taxis, and as such he won’t have any trouble getting around. The hotel has been designed predominantly in the neoclassical style, but with modern bathrooms and bedrooms. This hotel seems to be at the very forefront of minimalism with vast stretches of marble columns and staircases, all designed in a chic and minimalist style with gentle creamy color palettes. The rooms feature striped wallpapers that match the aesthetics of the rest of the hotel. The bathrooms are replete with Bvlgari toiletries and guests even get complimentary and espresso machines in their rooms.

Mandarin Oriental Barcelona

There is a reason why Mandarin Oriental Barcelona figures, year after year, not only on lists of the best hotels in Barcelona, Spain, but in the world. Every detail is absolutely flawless from the friendly doorman to the impeccable lobby Michelin starred cuisine light filled rooms and suites, a luxurious spa and gym, and a lovely rooftop plunge pool all round out the experience that is totally worth the splurge grand den.

Hotel Palace GL

This luxury hotel was designed way back in 1919 by Cesar Ritz, and as such, this is actually one of the original Ritz hotels, one of the finest in all of Barcelona. It went through a renovation in 2005, which brought it the new name, however it still bears motifs in details of an old European style. For example, the doorman wear top hats as a part of their uniform, the lobby features a wide red carpet and the pillars and columns are all marble clad in ONYX. There’s even a giant crystal chandelier tinkling away in the midst of the lobby, located near the Paseo de Gracia, the Hotel Palace is great for those who love shopping, or those who appreciate modern architecture, however it’s quite far from some other popular sites like the beach or the Old City. So if you want a trip back to history, or a trip to the beach, you might want to skip this hotel. The interiors of the hotel are really opulent and extravagant with dense and intricately designed rugs and silk draperies, however the Baroque nature of the lobby is somewhat assuage with the neoclassical leanings of the rooms which are decked up in cream and ivory shades with marble tiled bathrooms. Some of the bathrooms, even feature Roman style mosaics that have been left over from the hotel’s previous incarnation. If you’re in need of something to eat, you can head on over to Diana’s garden rooftop terrace which offers great stacks, a stunning view and a lovely pool.

Almanac Barcelona

Almanac remains one Barcelona’s hottest new hotels, Having only just opened its doors in late 2017, and it really shows everything is shiny, modern, and brand spanking new, from the smartphone controlled lights to the sauna and rooftop dipping pool asked for one of the cube rooms with giant windows overlooking grand via one of Barcelona’s main thoroughfares, don’t worry, the soundproofing here is solid.

Grand Hotel Central Barcelona

The Grand Hotel Central is a luxury five star hotel that truly embodies its name. It has a grand architectural design with a predominantly Art Deco aesthetic replete with a grand spiraling staircase bronze doors and a sharply decorated lobby. The rooms and suites are slightly in contrast to the common areas, preferring a gentler and lighter aesthetic with wooden flooring and earthy hues. As far as location is concerned, it’s very central, opposite the popular cathedral and lying strategically between the Gothic and bond districts of Barcelona. The buzzing cultural scene of La Rambla is within walking distance. And if you want to go somewhere further, you can walk over to the John one metro station over.

Yurbaban Passage Hotel and Spa

Young trendy city folk come to the new Yurbban passage for a great deal. Yes, but also for the comfortable accommodations rooftop bar and plunge pool, magnificent views and peaceful spa, complete with massage Jetson to lux treatment rooms to prop the in house restaurant is definitely worth stopping in for innovative Catalonia and cuisine with international twists.

Pullman Barcelona Skipper

This boutique hotel is ideal for those who want a relaxing stay at a luxury hotel, and don’t want to be hassled much by the crowds of the city. It’s located next to the sea, and as such a can be perfect for some solitary time, however, it’s very difficult to go to the city because of the lack of public transportation. The hotel also features a nice terraced garden with a lovely pool in its midst. It features a waterfall that produces a sound that replicates the cadence of the ocean waves itself. The rooms feature a red wall, along with wood paneling and carpeted floors. There are leather armchairs around the rooms, along with pressing ions kettles, and even a menu of pillows for the bathrooms feature separate baths and showers, and they have toiletries. If you want to see view, you should get a room above the third floor, and if you also want a private balcony, you should get a superior room instead of a standard.

Monument Hotel

Set in a 19th century mansion just off the Paseo de Gracia monument is a chic hotel in a glitzy location. The entrance is large and impressive, and the design is on point, though the real draw here is the food lasat aid is one of only a couple three Michelin starred restaurants in central Barcelona, and it’s not the only excellent dining at the hotel. Other highlights include the very respectable but a lower key ARIA by best chef Martin Berasategui, as well as a cocktail bar by local mixology Maestro Javier de las Mueller’s.